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Tackling the top reasons to swap your conventional skin care for a safer alternative

While it’s easy to talk about changing your entire skin care routine, we can’t deny that it can be just as intimidating as overhauling your diet. But after a bit of research into the kinds of chemicals hiding in conventional skin care, this daunting decision begins to feel more like a necessity; not to mention the increased benefits for skin when you ditch the unnecessary fillers and over-processed ingredients. We’ll give you some of our top reasons for making the switch to safer, more responsibly formulated skin care -- we promise your skin will thank you!

Reason #1: Higher Ingredient Standards

While going natural is half the battle for healthy skin, switching to certified organic skin care will win you the war. The difference is in the certification standards; while natural is regulated by less rigorous requirements, products must meet the highest sourcing and handling requirements to obtain organic certification. Certified organic means that over 95% of the entire formula has been deemed organic, not just one or two minor ingredients. With organic skin care, you can ensure that no pesky synthetics or artificial fillers have hitchhiked their way into your skin.

USDA Organic

Reason #2: Earth Conscious

Choosing organic, biodegradable formulas means the ingredients have been sourced according to organic farming standards and practices. This means that during production and harvesting of the ingredients, there is less waste produced, less energy used, and more fertile soil developed. Organic farmers tend to operate under more earth-conscious standards than conventional farms, since their focus is centered around healthy, sustainable practices and synergy with the earth, rather than higher yields at lower costs; this explains why conventional farms use chemical fertilizers, and organic ones don’t. Choosing clean, organic skin care will help to support the mission of organic farmers and earth-friendly agricultural practices.

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Reason #3: Safer for Your Skin

Sure, this one might seem like a no-brainer -- but when arguing why to switch to organic skin care, we can’t forget to include the benefits of choosing safe over synthetic. When you avoid artificial fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other synthetic skin care ingredients, you’re avoiding a plethora of potential health risks (i.e. endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, respiratory complications, and even cancer). While it may take time for certain skin care ingredients to accumulate in your body or your bloodstream, don’t underestimate the power of a daily routine; you get used to a certain product and mindlessly apply it once, twice, sometimes three times a day -- before you know it, years have gone by and daily accumulation has gone from insignificant to a serious health hazard.

Reason #4: Higher Potency

real vs fake

When you nix the unnecessary fillers in your skin care, you increase the potency of each carefully placed ingredient. Fillers like water, fragrance, or excess emulsifiers dilute the potency of each ingredient that would potentially have a beneficial impact on skin; who wants that? If you’re spending your hard earned cash on skin care, make sure it’s made without the extra fillers; that way, you’ll reap the full benefits of each ingredient in the formulation and allow the ingredients to work their magic as nature intended.

Reason #5: Supply & Demand

When you make the switch to clean, organic skin care, you’re telling corporate giants that you’ve had enough of the artificial stuff. While any transition takes some time for adjustment, this is one worth sticking with; by making the permanent switch to clean beauty, you become one less customer for conventional corporations. These conventional brands have already begun adjusting to this shift in consumer demand, and have had to scramble to produce more natural offerings (thought most still can’t stand up to rigorous natural or organic certification standards).

When you make the switch to organic, you increase demand for certifiable ingredients; this demand supports organic farms, which in turn allows them to grow staff and resources to produce more! This increased organic ingredient availability leads to more competitive wholesale pricing for skin care companies who purchase their ingredients, eventually leading to lower retail prices at checkout. With supply and demand, you hold the key to shifting the worldwide market and consciousness towards clean beauty!

Still not sure about making the switch? Check out what other skin care junkies are saying about Puristry, our own line of organic skin care! Then hop over to our blog feed to read up on the benefits of cold pressed oils, natural skin care preservatives, and more!

Team Puristry
Team Puristry

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