January 31, 2018

Why Puristry is water free and uses more nourishing alternatives.

Organic Aloe

Hydration is the key to great skin. It keeps our glow going all day long and stalls premature wrinkles. When we think of beauty products, the most important way to get maximum hydration for our skin is not by pumping our products full of H2O. The best way to hydrate skin is to get our water through a straw, not through our serums and moisturizers. Puristry promises pure skin care, meaning a full range of organic beauty products to keep all of us looking our best from day to night. With that in mind, we formulate all Puristry products without the addition of water. Don’t get us wrong – we definitely love water – just not in our products. Simply put, being water free allows us to create a natural facial cleanser, moisturizer, and a host of natural beauty products in general that are not using the water inside as a bacterial breeding ground. Instead, the Puristry way utilizes chemistry and reliable techniques of distilling potent ingredients included in our products for effect to give you the results you want to see. Still not convinced that H2O is a no-no in cosmetics? Stay tuned for the full read on why Puristry is water free, and how to hydrate skin with more than just water.

Water in Cosmetics

It’s hard to have faith in products that don’t contain organic, cruelty free ingredients or products that list the first ingredient as water. It’s likely that over half of the product is plain old water, not even the fancy French kind. And unfortunately, with the other ingredients being words we can’t even attempt to pronounce, in our mind the effectiveness of the product goes right out the window. It becomes easy to lose trust that any product will work to fade age spots, smooth textured skin or brighten the complexion. Instead, a product that is water free is a perfectly balanced formula that relies on the ingredients within to preserve themselves. Think of a beautiful symphony playing along to ballet dancers. The movements are in synch with the harmony, just like our ingredients were basically made for each other. Think of a product like our Flower Water Toner. Many toners you find on the market are more than 50% water. Do you think that justifies the triple digit price tag? We don’t think so. All of the liquids in our toner are derived from plant sources that contribute multiple benefits. The top ingredient in our toner is organic rose water, which is excellent for soothing skin. This ingredient helps fight redness, irritation, rashes, inflammation and boost skin hydration.

Puristry Organic Make Up

Why Water Free Cosmetics are Better

We believe that beauty shouldn’t be watered down. Beauty should be appreciated and enhanced to its fullest form. Think of a new mother bearing her post baby body on the beach – her beauty deserves to be celebrated, not covered up, and it can’t be drowned out with water. One thing is for certain, our products won’t drown out your beauty, but some other skin care products on the market may do just that. When formulating a product, there are many elements to keep in mind. First, the product should be effective, meeting all the claims in the description. Another mark most products have to hit is a specific quantity or volume of product. This is where water comes to mind. Some brands believe that a few good ingredients + lots of water = a great product.

Puristry doesn’t agree with that logic. We believe throwing water into our products simply to hit a certain quantity is no way to achieve a quality cosmetic or a quality result. We’ve discussed Fillers in Cosmetics before, and for good reason. It’s one of the main ways that all of us waste money on mediocre skin care! To put it bluntly, the water in your cleanser, eye cream or face scrub is doing absolutely nothing. Literally, nothing. Actually, we take that back; it’s doing a couple of things. First, it’s wasting your time and second, it’s potentially compromising the integrity of the other ingredients in your product. This is one of the main reasons we believe water free cosmetics are the best. A cosmetic like our Seaberry Moisturizer is formulated with organic aloe, shea and glycerin as the top three ingredients. Can you imagine how luxurious this moisturizer feels? This product is like having Wonder Woman, Superman and Captain America protecting you at all times. These ingredients are our skin heroes, doing all the work so our faces can relax instead of fighting off free radicals caused by bacteria.

How to Hydrate Skin the Right Way

How do cosmetic chemists make a hydrating product if water is wrong? The best way - our way - is to incorporate naturally hydrating products derived from plant sources rather than non-nutritional water. Some examples would include aloe vera, almond milk, glycerin and most popular, hyaluronic acid. What do these ingredients do? Take into consideration our Vine Therapy Serum. Organic aloe is the first ingredient, which means it’s the base of our product and one of the most active ingredients in this serum. We see serum as a liquid messenger, like a beauty angel, delivering blessings directly to our skin. Serums bring powerful players like lavender oil or grape seed extract, right to the place where they can be most effective. Then these key ingredients top our skin off with a boost of long lasting hydration to keep skin bouncy and balanced. Another ingredient in our serum that we mentioned as an essential moisturizer in skin care is hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally found in the body and is much less intimidating than it sounds. It boosts skin’s moisture even more than water does, to help us maintain youthful skin and our own Jlo glow.

For those of us already using the full Puristry routine, you can smile when getting ready in the morning. Your products are at full potency, working their hardest to ensure your skin is in tip top shape. For the rest of us with product labels that start with water…we have some purging to do. The best way to have happy skin that looks and feels healthy is to use plants, essential oils, and wholesome ingredients that enhance the way our skin behaves instead of watering it down. So, how will all of you be getting your water from now on?

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