July 14, 2017

100% PURE® launches exclusive skincare line with ultra-chic retailer

Susie Wang has always been a huge fan of the Anthropologie brand, and is delighted to showcase her partnership with this trendsetting company. She explains that Anthropologie reached out to herself and fellow 100% PURE® founder Ric Kostick, because the brand recognized the two as major innovators and pioneers within the natural cosmetics industry. “He and I have been working in this industry for so long, and have been working on natural and organic brands for the last decade or longer.” Many brands had reached out to the founders for partnerships, but Susie wanted to make sure they were choosing the best brand to embrace the methodology and ethos behind her pure formulations. “We wanted to do this right. We wanted to do it natural, and we wanted to do it organic.”

100% Pure Santana Row Store

There is a common notion that any natural ingredients, when blended together, can create a pure and potent natural product. However natural ingredients, when mixed together, can sometimes produce toxic results that are more damaging to skin than beneficial. The chemistry of the natural ingredients combined in Puristry was skillfully composed to avoid toxic formulas during this process. Puristry was created around the belief that a careful balance of pure ingredients plus careful chemistry is vital for providing the healthiest, safest, and ultimately best products for your skin.

Thanks to her background of extensive research and experience formulating with plants, Susie distinctly understands and utilizes each plant or ingredient’s unique biology, and formulates based off of that knowledge. It isn’t about adding a bunch of natural ingredients together and saying they work. It’s about deeply knowing each ingredient--what it works well with, what it doesn’t--and how to best deliver that targeted nutrition into the skin.

Susie’s goal was to keep the formula simple and focused, so she began researching a single perfect ingredient to highlight in each product. There are tons of cosmetics companies creating products that highlight a single key ingredient, but it’s often no more than a marketing strategy. In reality, these products only feature a minimal portion of this key ingredient to their formula, inhibiting the wealth of benefits that can be found in a larger dosage. Susie’s vision for Puristry stems from a single hero ingredient focus per product for clean, condensed, specific results.

Puristry Product

She has chosen the ingredient best suited for the purpose of each product; the other less prominent nutrients in the formulas are simply there to complement and synergistically support the hero ingredient. This line is different than any others Susie has invented. It focuses on simple, highly concentrated primary ingredients to deliver optimum results. For example, the Nopal Cactus she uses is dramatically more potent and condensed. Since Nopal Cactus is 80 percent water, Susie removes the water to make a powerful, effective “dose” of this ingredient to best utilize its benefits for the skin.

These scientifically-backed, strategically-chosen, concentrated hero ingredients are what set Puristry apart and make it so effective. Puristry has taken all of the years, all of the tens of thousands of formulas Susie which has worked on, and produced the most gentle, most effective, most nourishing line of products available-- all by utilizing the power of nature.

Yes, these products are natural, but the deeper focus is about understanding the chemistry in natural ingredients. Puristry goes above and beyond this creed because not only are its products natural and potently formulated-- they’re actually certified organic by government standards. This is a huge accomplishment due to the fact that currently, the USDA Organic Seal is the only standardized organic system that exists in America to guarantee that a product is organic to a specific set of requirements.

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