December 27, 2019

Promote a healthy, glowing complexion with a water-based routine


We’ve all heard that water makes up most of our bodies, and that alone is a huge indicator as to how important it is. Along with exercising, eating a well-balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep at night, drinking enough water is considered one of the healthiest things we can do for our health on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, we keep our skin nourished and hydrated by applying moisturizers. These work by permeating our skin barriers to deliver more water to the dermal layer. Moisturizers soften our skin and form a protective seal, which also defends skin against foreign pathogens.

So when we fail to hydrate either our bodies or our skin, we notice how it affects us: not drinking enough water can lead to a variety of bodily complications. But what about when we forget to hydrate our skin?

In this article, we’ll discuss how water benefits skin, the importance of hydration reinforcement both inside and out, and how botanical waters can help enhance your efforts!

Internal and External Hydration

The “8 glasses per day” model is well known when it comes to water intake, although some experts believe the volume should be closer to 12! We also increase our water intake by eating foods with high water content like melons, celery, cucumber, and apples. Not only are these foods thirst-quenching, they’re also high in essential vitamins and fiber!

Hydration is key in enabling our bodies to work properly and efficiently. When we’re well-hydrated, our system can perform functions like regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and preventing infection.

And yet, even when we find that we’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, we find that our skin is still dry. This is because even though consuming plenty of fluids is important, dry skin is an external issue – and needs to be resolved from the outside.

Dry skin lips

When Dry Skin Becomes Dehydrated

Dry skin can be a product of genetics, but it can also be caused by a poor moisturizing routine, or by not moisturizing at all! Topical hydration – the “water” to moisturization’s “oil” – should likewise be used in conjunction with a regular moisturizer routine.

When we fail to maintain ample moisture in the skin, it often leads to a host of far-reaching issues. This can include a weakened protective layer, aggravated acne, and rough texture. Moreover, insufficient or irregular moisturizing can, in the long run, lead to premature aging and prolonged irritation.

While dry skin is considered a skin type, dehydrated skin is a condition that can be rectified with proper practices and positive habits. Dermal dehydration can lead to scaly, itchy skin which often produces flakes. Not to mention the dullness, sunken eyes, and accentuated signs of aging.

When your skin reaches the level of dehydration, it might require a drink of water to restore balance. We don’t mean just any plain water – when skin care products list water as one of the first ingredients, it is unlikely to be an effective, reliable or quality product.

However, there are certainly some waters that our skin does benefit from. These waters are found in botanical ingredients that are not only hydrating, but contain beneficial antioxidants and vitamins.

Hydrate ingredients

The Best Waters for Skin

Aloe Water Aloe vera may be known for its burn-treating properties, but it’s also exceptionally hydrating to the skin. Aloe vera is water-dense, so it’s sure to deliver a major amount of moisture to the skin without feeling too heavy, plus it’s highly concentrated in antioxidants and vitamins.

Aloe water can help reduce the frequency and appearance of acne, as well as possibly prevent psoriasis or eczema flare-ups.

Rose Water Rose water is an ancient elixir formed by the steam distillation of rose petals, and has long been touted for its healing properties, especially when it comes to skin treatment. Rose water is known to soothe redness while balancing and hydrating the skin, plus it contains antioxidants and a heavenly, floral aroma.

Cucumber Water
Ever had spa water infused with ultra-quenching cucumber? Well this refreshing vegetable is also incredibly nutritious for your skin! Cucumber water is rich in antioxidants and can soothe skin and sunburns, plus it has a naturally cooling effect and can reduce puffiness.

Water-Infused Products that Hydrate Your Skin

Nopal Cactus Cleanser Cleansers may not linger on skin as long as a moisturizer or serum, but the contact it makes with your face is more than enough to justify a gentle formula.

Our Nopal Cactus Cleanser contains ingredients derived from plants that have mastered the art of hydration in even the harshest, dryest environments. Aside from quenching nopal cactus extract, this cleanser is highly concentrated with aloe water, which is not only moisturizing, but also works to remove makeup and reduce inflammation.

Immediately after cleansing with this nourishing product, always follow up with a toner!

Flower Water Toner Toner is needed to balance the skin’s pH levels while prepping it more your moisturizer. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to squeeze some moisturizing properties into this step.

That’s why we formulate our Flower Water Toner to be especially hydrating and plumping, with organic rose water listed as the first ingredient. Meanwhile, the absence of plain, regular water in this product speaks volumes of its quality.

To use this toner after cleansing, swipe it over your face and neck with either a cotton pad or clean hands, and follow up with a nourishing face cream, like our Seaberry Moisturizer.

When your skin is either dry or dehydrated, it may feel almost impossible to reintroduce hydration to your pores, especially when the weather is dry and bitingly cold. Luckily, there are gentle ways to bring your skin back to life, and one of the best things you can do is offer it products containing organic botanical waters.

Likewise, don’t forget to drink your water! As it’s been said, beauty goes beyond skin-deep, so while the proper skin care regimen is certainly beneficial, keeping your body healthy and hydrated is crucial, as well.

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