October 23, 2018

Exploring the complex nutrient composition of pomegranate oil

Pomegranate oil is an ultra nourishing and antioxidant-packed skin savior with a long list of benefits for skin, hair and internal health. The fruit is surrounded by myth and folklore, having been used for centuries as a rare beauty oil in northern India, Iran, and the Mediterranean region. The oil is extracted through the seeds of the pomegranate, which are small, jewel-like encasings hidden within the fruit’s tough outer layer. Historically it occupies an important place in the traditional medicines of Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine practiced in India, which promotes the use of herbal compounds and plant-based healing for inner and outer health.

Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate Oil, Antioxidants, and Free Radicals

The vitamin and mineral composition of pomegranate oil is unmatched by other fruits, making it an incredibly effective anti-aging and moisturizing agent. The fruit and also the oil have an ultra high antioxidant content, meaning that its ingestion and topical application aid in fighting off free radicals, which are generated in the skin due to exposure to pollutants, toxins and irritants. Free radicals result in the degradation of skincell composition and the reduction of oxygen in skin tissue, so it’s essential to apply antioxidant rich oils to the face in any smart anti-aging regime. Antioxidants are life saviors for skin cells, promoting their reproduction and resulting in skin that has fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

With these benefits in mind, pomegranate oil is a popular star ingredient in anti aging serums, and it features in the formula of Puristry’s Restorative Facial Oil. Our formula also contains pomegranate juice for an added boost of antioxidants, plus enzymes to aid in the efficient removal of dead skin cells. It’s a cult fave product because of its remarkable ability to promote collagen and elastin production for smooth and youthful skin, thanks to its cold pressed combination of pomegranate, jojoba and rosehip oils.

Acids and Estrogenic Properties of Pomegranate Oil

In addition to its high antioxidant content, pomegranate oil is also ultra high in punicic acid, also known as Omega 5. Punicic acid is an important naturally occurring acid that aids in reducing skin inflammation and also assists in skin repair. This makes pomegranate oil a must-have tonic for those dealing with eczema, clinically dry skin, or other skin inflammation conditions. Its ultra soothing properties mean that it reduces redness, scaling and itching, while simultaneously healing and protecting especially problem skin. Punicic acid is key for bringing back elasticity and resistance to a thinning and weakening dermis. More importantly, its application over time can increase skin’s ability to retain H2O.

Punicic acid present in pomegranate oil works synergistically with ellagic acid, a polyphenolic compound that’s found in red raspberries and other fruits. Its an antioxidant that research has shown to reduce cancerous growths on the skin, and is effective at preventing UV damage and its associated skin discoloration and reduction in density. Oxidative stress is a serious side effect to UV exposure, and the topical application of ellagic acid both reduces its symptoms and works in a preventative capacity. It does this by inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase (MMP), an enzyme that signals collagen breakdown. It’s also effective at brightening and reducing discoloration and hyperpigmentation, making it a helpful ingredient for anyone battling post-acne scars, sun spots, or hormonal related skin discoloration.

Pom rest oil bottle

One more reason to love pomegranate oil? Its chemical compounds makes it a natural glow booster, with its natural estrogenic properties which encourage healthy estrogen balance. Supporting hormonal balance is a key property when it comes to regulating sebum production and overall glow and radiance (which are directly related to healthy hormonal levels). The glow benefits of pomegranate oil are also amped up by its super potent moisturizing properties. This super fruit oil nourishes the outer epidermal layer, and is known for its deep absorption and for sealing the skins outer layer when applied as the last step in an AM or PM skincare regime.

This all said, it’s safe to say that pomegranate oil is ultra beneficial for a variety of skincare woes, from adolescent skin battling with acne to more mature skin battling with age related issues, and every combination in between. Its powerful moisturizing and anti-aging properties mean it’s an especially helpful addition to any routine dealing with papery or ultra dry mature skin. At the same time, its anti-inflammatory and skin-cell regenerative properties make it beneficial for those battling clogged pores, or dead skin-related dullness and greasiness.

More Pomegranate Oil Tips

There are a variety of smart ways to incorporate pomegranate oil into your beauty routine. Make sure that you’re sourcing a high quality, preferably cold pressed oil – one that’s free from additives and synthetic ingredients (the pomegranate oil we use in our Restorative Facial Oil fits these guidelines). Once you find a clean pomegranate oil, you can apply it in a variety of ways:

    • Using a dropper, add it to your day face cream or basic PM moisturizer. Or, add it to a bath for ultra pampering body moisture and rejuvenation.

    • If you’re dealing with eczema, mix pomegranate oil with shea butter and rose water (in a blender) for an ultra creamy and soothing spot treatment that you can dab on problem areas and leave on overnight.

    • You can even use pomegranate oil on your whole face, as a decadent facial oil treatment before your mask or serum.

    • Another great application is to use this gem of an oil directly on ingrown hairs or problem shaving areas, to reduce redness and soothe the situation.

Pomegranate oil is beneficial to use both on the body and face, so don’t hesitate to try it out in different DIY treatments. You’ll be absolutely smitten!


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