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A wonder from the depths of the ocean, algae is an amazing organism. High in essential amino acids, proteins and a slew of vitamins (A, B, C and E), this super-loaded skincare ingredient packs a punch when helping to fight aging. One of the ocean’s most prized gems, algae has perfected adding hydration to dry and sensitive skin.

Native to North America, witch hazel has been hailed for centuries for its skin healing properties. This natural skincare ingredient helps to fight inflammation and has powerful astringent properties that make it perfect for fighting off bacteria living within our skin. Unlike traditional witch hazel toners, made with drying alcohols, we use the actual witch hazel plant in our formula which contains a high concentration of polyphenols.

Nopal Cactus totes many health and skin benefits in its humble paddle. We harnessed its high antioxidant and vitamin a content to help fight off free radicals that can lead to premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. This natural skincare ingredient helps accelerate cell renewal, stimulates fibroblast and collagen production.

This common houseplant was once hailed by ancient Egyptians as “the plant of immortality.” Aloe barbadensis water is extracted from the spiny leaves of the aloe vera plant. It is the base of many natural skincare products because of its ability to moisturize and heal skin. Each leaf contains a natural abundance of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, salicylic and fatty acids, and antioxidants to help nourish skin.

A bright orange berry cluster that grows on a shrub-like tree. The fruit of this plant contains malic and acetic acids (AHA-like ingredients that give the fruit an astringent, acidic taste) as well as beneficial compounds known as flavonoids, plus fatty acids. Sea buckthorn is a rich source of vitamin C and helps to heal burns, sunburns, and cuts.

Pomegranates are known as an antioxidant powerhouse. Each fruit contains ellagic acid, which is a polyphenol that can help promote skin brightness. A recent published study from Nature Medicine is shining a new spotlight on pomegranate’s anti-aging benefits, touting urolithin A, a chemical found in the flesh, as a key to slowing muscle cell degeneration. This delicious fruit also contains high amounts of anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin C and punicic acid.

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