June 27, 2019

When it happens, why, and what skin care tactics can help minimize signs of aging skin

When does skin begin to age? While the answer isn’t the same across the board, aging skin generally becomes apparent around the mid to late 20’s. Here is where we learn about Father Time’s sneaky sense of humor; just as you perfect a diet and skin care routine that balances excess oil and breakouts, suddenly skin has begun to display crow’s feet and forehead creases.

The many years spent basking in the sun as a carefree twenty-something have caught up with your skin, and the effects of diet, genetics, and environmental exposure only seem to escalate as the years roll by. We’ll tell you why it happens, when it happens, and what you can (and can’t) do about it!

Signs of Aging Skin – and When They Begin

During your mid 20’s, skin is still battling excess oil, acne, and is likely exposed to lots of environmental damage. Festivals, flea markets, and tropical vacations have had their way with your skin, but fear not: your 20’s isn’t too late to be proactive about skin health! There’s no better time to make the healthy, safer switch to clean, health-conscious skin care. It’s also a great time to start wearing protective clothing and lots of sunscreen when you’re in the sun. Be sure to implement a regular cleansing routine, potent antioxidants, and a lightweight moisturizer to capture skin’s still-supple texture.

By the time you reach the big 3-0, skin care has become more than just a novelty. It’s become a lifeline to the quickly dissipating signs of youthful skin: suppleness, elasticity, and glow. You’ve expanded your skin care routine to include more than just the basics, and using natural skin care has never been more important. You’ve done the research, have learned what conventional skin care ingredients can do to skin, and are building a skin care routine that you’ll use every day. Continue with those potent antioxidants, implement a serum (if you haven’t already) to lock in hydration and keep skin supple, and utilize a caffeine-rich eye cream to ward off signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

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10 Common Signs of Aging Skin

Aging skin is something we all experience, though the signs can be different for everyone. While varying skin types and tones may weather the aging process at different rates, there are still a few common culprits that clearly exhibit the aging process in skin.

Dry Skin

Lucky for us, this one can be attacked head on. Unless there are genetic or hereditary factors at play, dry skin is something that can be managed with diet changes and proper skin care. Start by drinking your recommended intake of H2O each day, and load up on water-rich fruits and veggies like tomato, celery, and cucumbers. Implement an intensely hydrating toner like our Puristry Flower Water Toner, and a lightweight daily moisturizer fortified with soothing aloe.

Fine Lines/ Wrinkles

These close pals of dry skin are the result of a loss of elastin and thinning in the top layer of skin, but can be managed with regular skin care efforts. Dry skin, environmental damage, cigarette smoking, tanning beds, and stress can all increase your chances of developing deeper, more apparent fine lines and wrinkles. Manage these pesky lines by implementing a potent facial oil with skin rejuvenating antioxidants, plumping anti-aging serum, and nourishing eye cream. Oh, and of course, by staying out of the sun!

under eye cicle
Dark/ Age Spots

These sneaky spots may at first masquerade as cute little freckles, but beware: one day you’ll realize that your nose, cheeks, and forehead have been overrun with them! Age (or “sun”) spots are the result of your skin over producing melanin (the main pigment in skin), after it’s suffered from regular sun exposure and little sun protection. Start early with products high in organic antioxidants, to fend off free radical damage that prematurely ages skin. And DO NOT skimp on a good natural SPF!

Loss of Elasticity

Loss of elasticity in skin happens as part of the natural aging process, but you can support the renewal of elastin with the right ingredients. Healthy fats, aminos, and antioxidants are all friends of elastin. Healthy fats and aminos (both found in our beloved coconut oil) fortify elastin, while antioxidants guard this precious, delicate element of your skin from environmental exposure. Stock up on a nutrient dense facial oil like our Puristry Restorative Facial Oil, and a facial serum fortified with healthy fats and amino acids.

Loss of Firmness

Loss of firmness in skin is another part of aging that unfortunately, comes with the territory. Loss of collagen results in reduced firmness in skin, leading to loose, sagging skin. Focus your efforts to firm up skin using collagen promoting ingredients like peptides, and stocking up on protective antioxidants that fortify against sun damage, an enemy of collagen. Utilize a nourishing, plumping facial serum like our Puristry Vine Therapy Serum and an antioxidant rich facial oil to fortify and stimulate sagging skin. Don’t forget to tighten and tone with an organic facial toner!

drooping eyes
Drooping Lids

Drooping lids can make the entire eye area seem to sag, making eyes look much older than they really are. Stimulating and depuffing a tired, sagging eye area will awaken the entire face while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. After toning and before your daily facial oil, reach for a caffeine-rich moisturizer like our Puristry Yerba Mate Eye Cream, which is packed with a high concentration of energizing yerba mate water.

dark circles
Dark Circles

Nothing shouts ‘tired’ like dark circles, and unfortunately their causes can vary. Dark circles are most notably caused by stress, dehydration, and exhaustion. They can also be linked to hereditary symptoms like hyperpigmentation, or natural effects of aging like loss of fat, collagen, or bone deterioration in the eye socket. First: stay hydrated, get ample rest, and manage your stress (easier said than done, we know!). In addition, choose a moisturizing and brightening eye cream, and a vitamin rich facial oil that’s safe for use around the orbital eye area.

crows feet
Crow’s Feet

As skin’s elasticity begins to wane, so does our skin’s ability to ‘bounce back’. And as we smile, laugh, sneeze, and expressively talk our lives away, that wrinkling skin that used to bounce back seems to have a harder time staying elastic – hence, crow’s feet. Keep skin supple and soft with a good organic moisturizer and eye cream, but don’t forget a skin plumping serum to boost skin’s elasticity.

Smile Lines
Laugh Lines

Laugh lines are the cuter, more popular cousin of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles – but they all fall into the same family. Unwanted lines anywhere on our face are hard to swallow, but since laugh lines reflect a life well-lived, we can’t hate on them too hard. To lessen the appearance of laugh lines or minimize the depth of creases in skin, use a potent organic facial oil (especially at night, to let the rich, cold pressed oils soak into skin) and a rich facial moisturizer, like our Puristry Seaberry Moisturizer.

Lackluster Skin

Nobody wants dull, tired looking skin! Keep skin looking bright and youthful by supplementing diet and water intake with the right products. This means exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing. Since dried out makeup can often be a cause of lackluster skin, be sure to cleanse thoroughly with our Puristry Nopal Cactus Cleanser, which is packed with hydrating nopal (a dry dermis is another culprit for lackluster skin) and naturally skin brightening yuzu citrus.

Can You Prevent Signs of Aging?

Let’s face it, we’ve all asked ourselves this age-old (eek!) question, but few of us feel confident in our options. While you should always embrace and love your skin and body at any age, don’t feel bad about wanting to hold on to a few youthful perks. Not a fan of extreme measures? That’s fine – there are safe and cost effective alternatives that aren’t just about medical procedures or skin care.

By playing your cards right, you can manage aging skin naturally. Focusing on a clean diet (this includes drinking lots and lots of H2O!), regular exercise, stress management, and practicing a proper skin care routine can do wonders for aging skin. Wear SPF on a daily basis, and re-apply as needed. Don’t skimp! The sun’s UVA and UVB rays aren’t taking any breaks, and one of their fave pastimes is wreaking havoc on unsuspecting skin. Avoid harsh ingredients and remember that safer skin care, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle habits can only do good for your skin.

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