March 20, 2020

How these icy skin treatments can lead to a glowing complexion

If you’re seeking that ‘post-ski glow’ without a trek to the mountains, a cryo facial can perk up your skin in mere minutes. What are cryo facials, you ask? Put simply, a cryotherapy facial is like a concentrated arctic blast aimed directly at your face.

Now, as anyone who’s experienced skin damage and dryness during the cold winter months, this might sound like an incredibly counterintuitive method. However, thanks to advanced dermatological technology it’s surprisingly gentle on the skin. What’s more, it can be highly nourishing for almost any skin type.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most commonly-praised cryo facial benefits. Use this information to help determine if cryo facials are suitable for your skin!

Understanding Cryotherapy Facials

So what exactly is a cryo facial, and where did the idea come from? While it might sound futuristic, it’s basically exposure of one’s skin to a blast of moisture delivered at an extremely low temperature.

The practice originated in Japan around 1978, as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, with “cryo” being the Greek root word for cold.

Cryotherapy works as a non-invasive treatment, using a constant mist of liquid nitrogen kept at a temperature well below freezing – often as cold as -200º to -300ºF! This mist of liquid nitrogen is emitted from a special probe with a controlled vapor beam used by spa technicians, and can be applied across one’s face, neck, and scalp.

This extreme temperature in such a brief period of time causes your blood vessels to contract during the procedure. After the procedure is complete, these vessels will begin to dilate. This contraction and dilation can help promote some key functions that can greatly benefit the skin, including promoting circulation and reducing inflammation. Not to mention that individuals often enjoy short-term benefits, like an instant feeling of tightness to the skin and an extra soft touch.

While the treatment looks like something that would be unbelievably cold – even painful – clients report that the sensation is not wholly uncomfortable. That’s because technicians are constantly moving the probe, preventing the cold sensation from building in one place for too long.

Typically, a cryo facial treatment lasts 3-12 minutes, and can vary in price from $50 to $300, but this largely depends on the establishment you choose – as well as any add-ons to the treatment. For example, a great deal of spas with cryo facials also tend to offer nutrient-rich IV drips and infrared saunas.

While it’s safe to enjoy cryo facial benefits daily through a bodily administration, it’s typically recommended by experts to limit cryo facials to once a week or every other week.

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5 Cryo Facial Benefits

Now that we have a better understanding of how cryo facials work, here are five benefits frequently reported by users:

1.) Minimizes Pores and Tightens Skin

Those with large pores tend to experience blackheads often, as their skin barrier may be more susceptible to the contamination of dirt, oil, and bacteria. Cryo facials may help combat blackheads not only by tightening the pores, but by gently exfoliating the skin to allow loose skin cells to be more easily swept away.

2.) Promotes Blood Circulation

Because of the dilation and contraction that cryo facials stimulate, one of the primary effects of this treatment is a boost in circulation. As this blood flow increases, this delivers a rush of enzymes which helps flush harmful toxins from the system.

Repeatedly boosting your circulation in this way is also highly beneficial because it can help your circulation overall. This benefits your skin while also stimulating hair follicles in the scalp, to promote healthy hair growth.


3.) Reduces Puffiness and Appearance of Dark Circles

If you’re experiencing puffiness or dark circles, one of the many cryo facial benefits is that they can help rejuvenate the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Encouraged circulation means better blood flow, leading to less fluid retention and reduced puffiness in the under eye area.

Thankfully, you can give the skin around your eyes an extra stimulated boost of nutrients each time you get a cryo facial. These treatments are said to even out skin tone and texture, by encouraging lymphatic drainage and almost immediately eliminating puffiness.

4.) Promotes Collagen Production

Collagen is the building block of youthful skin, and is essential for keeping our skin elastic and firm. Collagen is also responsible for protecting the organs, reinforcing the blood vessels, and keeping ligaments strong.

Our bodies produce collagen readily and easily when we’re young, but this production rate decreases as we grow older. This leads to loss of elasticity and over time, skin can become looser or saggier in appearance. This aging process is hastened further by our skin’s exposure to free radicals, pollution, stress, and toxins.

Collagen-boosting skin care has become a common means for giving skin the firming boost it craves, but cryo facials may actually help your body produce its own collagen more efficiently.

These ice-cold facials can also help target the functions behind collagen production, and stick to it while filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

5.) Soothes Acne and Inflammation

Aside from cryo facials, athletes often turn to cryotherapy as a means of alleviating pain and soreness. Similarly, cryo facials can help reduce inflammation in the skin, therefore soothing symptoms of acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

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