May 02, 2019

Grape seed extract benefits can improve and revitalize your skin – in the form of a potent, concentrated serum

Puristry Vine Therapy

What are your skin care goals? On our list: drink more water, get more sleep, commit to using all natural skin care products and finally, be more consistent with our skin care routines. We’re also the first to admit that when exhaustion hits, sacrificing our evening exfoliation or skipping a step in our regimen is 1,000x more likely to happen. Unfortunately, little missteps here and there add up to an overall disjointed routine, and can lead to undernourished skin. That’s why you’ll need to select high potencies of potent, natural ingredients – like grape seed extract.

In this post, we’ll focus on this mighty and unassuming ingredient, and discuss how best it can be used for skin: in a serum. This skin care staple is a step that many often overlook, simply because many are confused about what exactly serums do, and how they work.

Follow along as we spotlight the specific grape seed extract benefits in our Puristry Vine Therapy Serum – an antioxidant rich, vegan and completely cruelty-free serum. With consistent use, this grape seed-infused formula can become the most powerful anti-aging product in your routine.

First: What Does a Serum Do, and How Should It Be Used?

It can often feel like skin care products are a huge mystery, which can make it intimidating to try new things. That’s why Puristry aims to be as helpful and transparent as possible, with straightforward ingredient lists and how-to instructions on all of our products. When it comes to our grape seed extract-infused Vine Therapy Serum, we’ve already highlight the benefits and ingredients – but let’s dig a bit deeper into how a serum should be used.

A serum is similar to a face moisturizer, but a moisturizer is usually quite thick, creamy, and (you guessed it) designed primarily for moisturizing the skin. A serum is lightweight and multi-purpose; fundamentally, it does moisturize the skin, but it also contains key ingredients such as essential oils and extracts, which penetrate the skin better than a moisturizer. Just as we don’t apply face cream before we wash our faces, serum has a special place in our skin care regimen. After cleansing and toning the face, the skin is ready to fully absorb the benefits of a serum.

To apply your serum, massage into the skin with two to three fingers until the product is fully dispersed. Finish up with your usual moisturizer, add a sunscreen during the day, and finish with eye cream and/or facial oil, if needed. A great oil that can be used day or night is the Puristry Restorative Facial Oil; the floral ingredients help to bring skin to a peaceful balance, perfect for year round weather, balanced oil production, or inflamed skin. After using the Vine Therapy Serum, the skin should feel bouncy, radiant, and restored.

Vine Therapy Serum Grape Seed Extract Benefits and Other Star Serum Ingredients

What’s the most important feature of any skin care product? It isn’t the smell, or the pretty packaging, or even the price – it’s the quality and power of the ingredients. Some of the star ingredients in our Vine Therapy Serum include organic aloe, shea butter, and powerful grape seed extract benefits for your skin.

Grape Seed Extract

Let’s start with the belle of the ball: anti-aging grape seed extract. Grape seeds are one of the areas within the grape containing the most powerful and useful benefits. The best grape seed extract is harvested through cold-pressing, which helps to preserve the benefits of the grape seeds instead of weakening the final product. The extract is harvested and forms an oil which can then be consumed or applied topically for a variety of uses.

Some may not know that grapes also contain antioxidants, and the antioxidant rich grape seed oil in our Vine Therapy Serum is packing a knockout punch. The antioxidants found in grape seed extract are said to have 20 times the powers of vitamin C and E, which any skin care newb will recognize as some of the most fundamental ingredients in skin care.

Grape seed extract is a healing hero, supporting dermal restoration faster than synthetic or harsh chemicals. Grape seed extract can also help repair UV damage. And finally, grape seed extract is antibacterial, which is a hugely positive attribute in any topical product. Combined with the other ingredients in the Puristry Vine Therapy Serum, it is clear why this product is so effective.

Moisture Motherlode

In addition to choosing potent natural ingredients, we believe that using organic ingredients is a positive path for creating powerful, natural, and healthy results. Everyone knows that aloe and shea are superstar components when it comes to skin. They’re both masters of moisture, and help to create overall softer skin, smoother texture, and that bounce we often see in youthful skin.

Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and assists our skin in producing collagen, which results in plump, smooth texture. Aloe vera is a skin protectant and much like grape seed oil, can help with skin healing with special regards to sun burns. Aloe vera can also tighten the skin, which then results in a more youthful appearance.

Finally, organic coconut oil in this grape-seed infused serum is detoxifying, naturally antibacterial, richly moisturizing, and assists with anti-aging. Being so thoughtful and purposeful about crafting our products results in maximum quality and pure, organic results. Based on this ingredient list, Vine Therapy Serum is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and luxurious.

Vine Therapy Serum Get Your Grape On

We finally know the reason queens were keen on being fed grapes – they’re totally tasty, and now we know they’re also great for overall skin and body health! We learned that the star ingredient in our serum – grape seed extract – is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich, and can be much more powerful than vitamins C and E.

We also explained how the expertly curated ingredients in our serum help support each other and work together on the skin for powerful results. The word “therapy” isn’t just a gimmick – this product is healing, healthy, and well-rounded for visible results. If you’re someone who’s hoping to develop healthier skin this year, the quality ingredients in our Vine Therapy Serum are a great place to start!

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