September 24, 2019

How adding water can help your organic facial oil absorb better.

Just Add Water…

If you think that simply adding a facial oil to bare skin is the best way to apply, you’re not alone. While this may seem like the obvious route, there’s actually a more beneficial way to apply your facial oil, and that’s by including our trusty pal, H2O! But wait – don’t oil and water separate naturally?

The truth is that if you mix your facial oil with steam (post-shower is best), an organic toner, or an organic moisturizer, your facial oil has better chances of being absorbed by your dermis, instead of just sitting on the surface. If you haven’t had the best experience with a facial oil (like dealing with breakouts or greasiness), chances are you haven’t been applying it the best way to get the most out of it!

Give Facial Oils a Second Chance

First, let’s discuss how facial oils help skin. Our skin produces natural oils that help keep our skin looking youthful, supple, and healthy. As we age, oil production tends to decrease – leaving us more susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles, and skin with less “bounce back.” To help protect your skin’s lipid barrier, it’s important to supplement skin with oil based products, like a facial oil that works for you.

Our Restorative Facial Oil is packed with a mega mixture of jojoba oil, rosehip, pomegranate, blackcurrant, acai, green tea, and black cumin oils, so that’s what we’re using to instill anti-aging vitamins and moisture into skin. These plant oils contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help ease signs of UV damage and aging.

That’s not to say that oily skin types can’t benefit from adding a face oil to their skin care routine. Have you suddenly been experiencing oily skin or combination skin? Your skin might produce more oil to compensate for extra dryness, and breakouts can actually be a sign that your skin needs more moisturizing. People with acne have been shown to have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin.

How to Use Facial Oil
How to Apply a Facial Oil

Before you begin, decide which water-based delivery method you’ll be using. If you lean towards dry skin, use Seaberry Moisturizer to prime your face before your facial oil application. For normal skin types, prime cleansed skin with Flower Water Toner to instill water into skin. Lastly for oily skin types, you can opt for either toner or shower steam method for priming your skin with water.

While the general advice is to add water to your face in order to improve facial oil absorbency, there are a few ways for you to go about doing so. You can use your lineup of organic skin care products from Puristry to aid in this endeavor, or simply set up your own steam room at home. Check out our preferred methods below!

If you’re applying with steam:

You can easily give yourself a steam facial at home with the right environment. All it takes is a hot shower, a bathroom, closed doors, and windows. You can also use a large bowl filled with boiling water and a towel. Just drape the towel over your head as you lean over the steaming bowl of water.

Allow condensed water vapor to accumulate on the surface of your skin. We prefer the shower method, since you can cleanse your face in the shower, then step out to a perfectly steamy environment. Once you’ve got your skin cleansed and covered in steamy dewdrops, apply your facial oil by massaging a few drops of oil gently into skin. After exiting your makeshift steam room, give your skin 10-15 minutes to fully absorb the water and facial oil.

If you’re applying with a toner:

We love this method because we’re game for anything that adds vitamin packed hydration to our skin. This toner soothes and nourishes skin while delivering hefty doses of pH balancing flower hydrosols from calendula and rose, illustrating a key benefit that makes facial toners a must.

After using an extra hydrating face wash like our Nopal Cactus Cleanser, apply your toner to a cotton swab and apply to skin using a gentle sweeping motion. After 1 minute, while toner is still slightly damp on the skin, gently massage facial oil onto face.

If you’re applying with a moisturizer:

The organic aloe water in this moisturizer will provide soothing skin hydration while helping your lipid barrier absorb the facial oil. After skin has been cleansed, add a squirt or two of facial oil to your palm. Apply in a gentle, upwards massaging motion. If you’d like more specific results based on tension points or especially puffy areas, you can also administer a facial massage technique.

Once your facial oil has been applied, dispense a dollop of moisturizer into your palm. Rub between your hands and then apply to face by gently pressing into skin with fingers and palms. This allows both your facial oil and your moisturizer to meld together, without spreading one or the other away from the skin. Technique is important!

Extra facial oil application tips:

  • Have a greasy T-zone, but dry flaky cheeks? Not to worry, just limit your facial oil application to those dry areas.

  • Start off with a single squirt of our facial oil, to avoid excessive greasiness. If you accidentally dispensed more than you needed for one session, just pat the excess into the back of your hands.

  • Don’t forget your neck; it may be called a facial oil, but the sensitive skin on our neck is especially prone to signs of aging or dryness.

  • Take it easy around your eyes, to avoid getting oil into your eyes.

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