November 21, 2019

How a cold-pressed facial oil can work wonders for your skin

Facial oils have long been a major staple in beauty and health, dating back to the Ancient Greeks and 14th century Dominican Monks. As Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder wrote in his ancient text, Natural History, oil “effaces wrinkles on the skin, improves the complexion, and, in combination with honey, removes spots on the face.”

If you haven’t already incorporated facial oil into your skin care routine, get ready for a eureka moment! Plant and fruit oils are coveted for their aromatic qualities, circulation boosting benefits, and healing properties. When applied regularly, these facial oil benefits can easily become a reality in your skin care routine.

First we’ll debunk popular myths about facial oil, before sending you home with tangible evidence spotlighting the unique benefits of facial oil.


Facial Oil Myths: Debunked!

First, some myth-busting is in order: not all oils will make you break out. In fact, if you’re struggling with acne or oily skin, a quality non-comedogenic oil might be the missing piece in your beauty routine. Many oils are ultra anti-inflammatory, meaning that they can speed up the healing process for blemishes and irritation. Try using an anti-inflammatory facial oil in conjunction with an astringent toner, and watch blemishes calm and fade away.

If you’re worried about oily skin, know that adding the right oils into your routine can actually regulate oil production and mitigate shine. Oily skin is often simply a result of your face overcompensating when it’s been stripped of its natural moisture barrier.

Facial oils are your silver bullet when it comes to slaying skin imbalance, and are helpful for every skin type. Whether it’s age-related damage you’re worried about, dullness, or enlarged pores, it’s easy to find a beneficial oil for your skin. As you’ll soon find out, facial oil benefits are far reaching in your quest for healthy skin.

Facial oil flowers

Why Cold-Processed Oils Are Better

We lead by example with our Puristry Restorative Facial Oil, using only the best cold pressed oils. Cold processing best respects and preserves the integrity of the natural nutrients and antioxidants present in our oils – meaning more benefits for your skin.

Cold-pressing means that we don’t use chemicals and toxic solvents like hexane to strip the oils from the original plant. We’ve chosen the slower, more natural extraction process, which leaves more of the skin-healing components intact.

So how does cold pressing work? The traditional slow-folding technique is one of the original cold pressing processes we’ve drawn inspiration from. Dating back to 18th century Italy, the process consists of pressing carefully prepared dried citrus peels through a series of natural sponges.

After hours of folding and pressing the peel under a weighted bar, a precious mixture of essential oil is produced. It’s hardly an efficient process, but the resultant oil is simply sublime. The process is still carried out in Sicily today, at a dwindling number of essential oil apothecaries.

The cold pressing process we use to create our Restorative Facial Oil works with the same general mechanisms. Seeds, flowers, and plant material are harvested and put into a steel press that crushes them under continuous pressure. Slowly, as the oil separates from the plants’ natural water and fibers, it rises to the surface.

When the oil has risen, it’s then separated from the remaining fruits, plants and seeds. The last step is to filter out any organic debris, then voila: our labor of skin care love is complete.


Breaking Down an Ultra-Concentrated Facial Oil Formula

The luxurious Restorative Facial Oil is a targeted blend of healing organic oils. They work synergistically to promote elasticity and firmness, battle free radical damage from sun and pollutants, and lock in hydration. We’ve combined several different oils, each with a unique set of skin-loving properties.

Jojoba oil has a chemical structure similar to that of the oils our skin naturally produces. This helps it to be absorbed deeper into the skin layers, providing a hefty dose of vitamin B complex and essential fatty acids that help strengthen skin cell walls. It effectively targets both oily and acnegenic skin, as well as dry and mature skin.

Jojoba oil’s main role is to balance and re-establish the skin equilibrium, so whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, it brings you back to center.

Rosehip (Red Berries)

Rosehip oil is also rich in essential fatty acids, and is a particularly good source of vitamin A, which is key for encouraging cell turnover. Rosehip combats damage caused by the sun's UV rays, thanks to antioxidants which fight free radicals responsible for photoaging. Essential fatty acids work with vitamin A to gently resurface skin texture and tone, creating a more balanced complexion.

Rosehip oil is also seriously powerful when it comes to treating skin damage. Fun fact: rosehip oil was made into a syrup and rationed in Britain during World War II, to ensure the population’s resistance to infection. Like many of the oils in this facial oil, rosehip is a seriously powerful tonic with an impressive historical track record.


Next up, pomegranate oil and blackcurrant oil. Each oil contains anthocyanins, and both have unique fatty acid compositions. Anthocyanins are the flavonoid pigments which supply the signature red-purple color to fruits and berries like pomegranates, currants, and blueberries. It’s a potent antioxidant that deters collagen breakdown, effectively helping to keep fine lines and skin sagging at bay.

PRO TIP: Eat your berries for the same benefits – reaching maximum skin health is an external and internal journey!

In addition to anthocyanins, pomegranate and blackcurrant oils contain unique fatty acids with ultra skin-rewarding properties. Pomegranate oil contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant that lightens and brightens discoloration. Also present is punicic acid, a hard-to-find omega 5 fatty acid that’s a potent anti-inflammatory agent when it comes to preventing moisture loss.

Blackcurrant oil complements these properties, with its high percentage of alpha-Linolenic Acid: a powerhouse fatty acid that’s vital for the synthesis of new tissue. This results in plumper, more supple, youthful looking skin.

Other Beneficial Oils for Skin

To enhance the effectiveness of the product, we’ve rounded out the formula with the addition of several other carefully chosen cold-pressed oils. Each was selected for their abundance of antioxidants, and are ultra calming for a broad range of skin afflictions.

It’s a long ingredient list, and that’s because our blend activates the best properties from each plant, and relies on the unique composition of each oil to target specific skin needs – it takes a village, right? As a blend, these oils cover the A to Z of skin issues, for aesthetic improvements and softer, more manageable skin texture.

  • Acai oil provides a dose of B and C vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and potassium, and essential amino acids for elastic, healthy skin.

  • Green Tea Leaf Oil contains powerful antioxidants from catechins, gallates, and flavonoids, which can help reverse UV damage and repair and stimulate the growth of collagen.

  • Vitamin E is a superb hydrator that’s extremely absorbable, lightweight, and helpful for treating scarring, age spots, and discoloration.

  • Black Cumin Seed oil contains minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, and is ultra effective for dealing with breakouts thanks to its strong antibacterial properties.

To get the full facial oil experience, try a self-facial massage. These simple techniques can improve lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and dark circles, while boosting circulation for a more healthy, vibrant complexion.

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