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by Team Puristry October 25, 2017

Easy to follow guide for reducing signs of aging and pampering skin at home

Restorative Facial Oil Squeeze

In the crusade to minimize appearance of fine line and wrinkles, many rely on pricey spa facial treatments or even more high maintenance filler and plastic surgery treatments -- we choose to pursue potent plant based skin care for sustainable, deliverable anti-aging results. In hopes of turning back the hands of time by reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increasing suppleness in skin, we’ve combined a single ultra potent, plant based anti-aging facial oil with easy at-home facial massage techniques that are super DIY. All you need? Two hands and a high quality facial oil.

Self Administered Facial Massages

Facial firming massage tips are a soothing, self administered therapy, and our Puristry Facial Oil is the perfect medium for creating an amazing facial massage. This oil was created with a variety of luxurious, high quality oils from rosehip, pomegranate, and black currant oil. Joined by skin rejuvenating vitamin E, these oils were selected for their ability to promote firmness, elasticity, suppleness, and tone. This oil is also infused with spa-worthy essences of lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, and vetiver to transport you to a mountain getaway.

AT-HOME FACIAL MASSAGE TIP: It’s important to set up your at-home environment for optimal DIY facial results. Because water will help prime your skin for your facial oil, you’ll want to start in the shower. First, cleanse skin with a hydrating facial cleanser. When you step out of the shower, apply your skin plumping serum. Then, while the bathroom is still damp and steamy, perform your facial massage: first step, apply your facial oil all over the face.

How to Apply Facial Oil
Facial Massage Technique #1

Massaging horizontal forehead lines

For many of us, this is the first place we notice fine lines starting to sneak up. The most common cause of forehead lines is sun exposure (apply sunscreen daily!), but they can also be triggered by powerful natural forces like laugh lines or genetics.

Rub Oil on Forehead
The Technique:

Starting at the forehead, place your fingers in a parallel position above eyebrows. Use an alternating movement -- one hand moving up one hand moving down -- that creates friction in this area to reduce the appearance of the horizontal lines on the forehead. Do these movements for one minute.

Facial Massage Technique #2

Massaging vertical lines between brows

Nicknamed ‘the elevens’, these lines sneak up without us realizing it. They form when we’re deep in focus, squinting, or scowling; feel the patch of skin between your brows? That scrunched up skin is contributing to long term wrinkles that will show up even when your face is relaxed.

The technique:

The first technique would be to place your fingertips in between your brows. Using pressure, slide your fingers over your brows. This movement helps to pull the muscle outward, smoothing the area. For the next method, place your thumbs above each temple to help brace your hands. Holding three fingers together, rub your forehead in small circular motions. Start from between your brows and move up and out as you go. Do this for 60 seconds. According to M.D. David E. Bank, this technique “increases circulation to help the skin look taut, and stimulates collagen to reduce and prevent wrinkles over time".

Facial Massage Technique #3

Massaging the eye area

If forehead lines weren’t the first to show up, odds are that under eye wrinkles beat them to the punch. Since our under eye skin is so delicate (think of it as tissue paper; you should definitely handle it as such), this area is especially vulnerable to signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Rub Oil Under Eye
The Technique:

Make sure you have plenty of facial oil (you can also try eye cream for this technique) on your fingers, because you never want to pull or tug on the skin around the eye. Since this area is very sensitive, we need to make sure that our fingertips glide effortlessly over the skin. Start at the inner corner of the eye, and gently glide, with light pressure, to the outer corner. Continue around up to the brow bone until you are back at the corner of the eye. This movement helps to reduce puffiness around the eye area, and moving fingers in this direction helps to drain excess fluid in the area. Do this movement a total of ten times, and increase pressure slightly after the first few rotations. For those prone to puffiness, this can be done morning and night.

Facial Massage Technique #4

Massaging crow’s feet

Pesky little crow's feet: another culprit for the first visible signs of aging. Our dynamic facial expressions are so diverse that it’s hard to prevent these lines from appearing, unless you try to keep from smiling or moving your face altogether. We like the alternative: a gentle, skin firming massage technique.

The Technique:

Use one hand to gently lift the brow area and make the skin taut. Using your ring finger, massage in small circles over the area where crows feet would (or already do) appear. Do this for about thirty seconds on each eye. After that, use your fingertips and gently stroke upward, alternating hands for thirty seconds on each eye.

Facial Massage Technique #5

Massaging the cheeks

Defined cheek bones have become a hot commodity these days, with highlighting and contouring living as a widely used cosmetic method of creating a defined look. For a more low maintenance skin care approach, you can work out your cheek muscles with simple massage techniques to give cheeks that sculpted lift you’re looking for.

Rubbing Oil into Cheeks
The Technique:

Using your first two fingers, find the area directly under your cheekbone. Bring your fingers toward your nose. Starting from there, firmly push upward on the muscle of the cheeks, continuing along the underside of the cheeks until you reach the jaw. This will help to give a more defined look to cheekbones, and will drain excess fluid buildup in the muscle tissue.

Facial Massage Technique #6

Massaging corners of the mouth

Another side effect of aging is watching the corners of our mouth droop downward. This happens as the muscles in this area lose strength, but you can help to improve the firmness of this area by conditioning the muscles with firming massage techniques.

The Technique:

Place one index finger on either side of the mouth near the corner. Firmly massage in a small circle in this area, but make sure the pressure is applied in an upward motion. Avoid pulling down on the skin and muscles in the corners of the lips.

Facial Massage Technique #7

Massaging the jaw line

These fantastic DIY facial firming massages are super easy to perform with just two hands and a high quality facial oil. By following these at-home massage methods every night or a few times a week, you’ll be doing skin a huge service by helping to add firmness naturally. Have we gotten you into the DIY skin pampering lifestyle? Facial exercises and even facial yoga are worth giving a try for firmer, more supple skin. Don’t forget to use plenty of facial oil or moisturizing face cream to perform the facial massages, because we never want to pull or tug our skin! Happy pampering!

Team Puristry
Team Puristry

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