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by Team Puristry August 01, 2017

Why we set the spotlight on this powerful little berry in our Seaberry Moisturizer

Seaberry, otherwise known as hippophae, sandthorn, or seabuckthorn, is a mineral and antioxidant packed superfood that’s been used for centuries in Asia and Europe for its highly-nutritious and medicinal profile. The past year has seen these berries popping up in health food stores around North America, in everything from jams to juices to tinctures. We’re more than on board, and can’t get enough of their distinctively soft, oil-rich texture which works wonderfully in emulsions with other healing ingredients, both for topical and internal therapy. This wonderfully versatile ingredient shines in everything from lovely sherbert-hued summer cocktails, to essential oils, to amped up skin care that flaunts a phytonutrient rich and potentent anti-aging resume. Puristry’s Seaberry Moisturizer harnesses the power of these edible anti-aging gems, and funnels their intense benefits directly into skin. Let’s dive in!

 Seaberry Moisturizer

Seaberry’s Diverse History Tells You All You Need to Know

This ancient fruit is steeped in a rich history, which explains its long tradition of medicinal and cosmetic applications. The first written documentation of Sea Buckthorn dates back to ancient Tibet, in a book of healing arts called Sibu Yi Dian. The book speaks at length on the revered Sea Buckthorn fruit, praising its remarkable restorative, healing properties.

Throughout history and from diverse locations across the globe, seaberry has been alluded to as a healing and health-promoting tonic with the unique ability to protect skin and hair from the havoc of the elements. Genghis Khan allegedly powered his army and their horses on sea buckthorn for stamina and recovery from combat, and Ancient Greek horses were fed the little superfood to imbue their coats with gloss and shine.

Similarly, women in ancient Greece used Sea buckthorn to heal damaged skin and protect against signs of aging. As is so often the case, the history of contemporary organic skin care ingredients can illuminate their unique, and ultimately scientifically backed properties. We’re of the opinion that knowledge of herbal traditions + clinical research + a commitment to environmentalism is a winning combo when it comes to getting gorgeous.

The fruit is often referred to as “resilient,” given its origin in the Tibetan Himalayas (12,000 feet above sea level), where it grows strong amongst harsh weather conditions and high altitudes. The secret to seaberry fortifying itself against the elements? It protects itself through producing an array of powerful nutrients, which result in extremely fortified plant cell walls and highly efficient use of nutrition. In fact, these berries contain over 190 bioactive compounds; they’re an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9, and a rich source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7. We love Omega-7 – a lot – because it’s an essential fatty acid that’s vital to collagen production. Read: healthy and strong skin, hair and nails (maybe even as strong as a tiny plant that can survive 12,000 feet above sea level).

Nutritional Benefits and Uses of Seaberry

Our advice? Sneak these berries into your diet any way you can, because they boast major health perks (hence why you’re starting to see them featured at your favorite cold-pressed juicery). For starters, they pack twelve times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange, so needless to say they’re certainly a powerful tool for promoting immune system health and efficiency in repairing damaged skin tissue.

With high amounts of protein and fiber, Seaberry is also an effective addition to blended drinks and soups to help amp up the fullness factor, acting as a minor appetite suppressant. Their tart flavor can be intense, so use a light hand and experiment with portion size. We’re eyeing a sea buckthorn fizz cocktail recipe right now, which has been gracing the Pinterest boards as of late. The recipe is pretty flexible: juice seaberries, then combine the juice with your fave sparkling beverage and a sweetener. The gorgeous color gradient will score you major hostess points!

Seaburry Fruit

Skin Beneficial Properties of Seaberry

Plant-based nutrition that’s good for your gut is more often than not also good for your dermis when applied topically. The rule definitely holds for seaberries, which are starting to generate buzz for their deeply hydrating, anti-aging and skin-brightening properties. The high vitamin C content makes this berry an all star when it comes to collagen production and ultra gentle re-surfacing and exfoliation.

For irritated skin, seaberries are extremely therapeutic, thanks to their rich content of Omega 3 fatty acids (proven to reduce inflammation and redness), and vitamin E, which helps heal skin quickly and reduces appearance of scarring. With their naturally high antioxidant content, seaberries are a potent fortification against the skin aging process; it’s safe to say that the “superfood” label isn’t being thrown around, here.

Cue Puristry’s Seaberry Moisturizer, a deeply emollient and concentrated product to target early stage wrinkles and dullness. The formula combines seabuckthorn oil with ultra soothing organic aloe water and shea butter, plus two different strains of honeysuckle extract for anti-septic and anti-inflammatory benefits. We’re using this product all summer, both AM and PM for increased elasticity and firmness, protection against summer’s omnipresent environmental stressors, and increased collagen production. We love how powerful and concentrated this formula is: with less than a quarter sized amount, you get smooth application and serious absorption.

Acne-prone skin often produces oil that is not only excessive, but can also be thicker and stickier than usual. According to findings in a 2010 study from the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Science, natural properties in Sea Buckthorn can help to regulate excess production of this pesky pore-clogging oil in the skin. By decreasing excess sebum production, inflammatory levels in the skin can be minimized and improved. We’re thrilled by the evidence that for those with oily skin or acne-prone skin, Sea Buckthorn may help to result in a more balanced, calm, and clear complexion.

For Dry Skin

Palmitoleic acid is found in large quantities in Seaberry, and has been linked to nourishing and restoring dry skin types that have developed an impaired moisture barrier. Natural levels of palmitoleic acid present in the skin tend to slowly decrease with age, and can lead to skin that feels more dry, less elastic, or takes longer to repair itself. By supplementing skin with a rich source of this nourishing ingredient, one can expect to see a softer, smoother, and more hydrated complexion.

For Aging Skin

In addition to Palmitoleic Acid, Omega 3, and Omega 6 oils, Seaberry also houses an impressive arsenal of skin-defending antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids. These antioxidants help to minimize excessive environmental stressors and pollutants that can weaken skin’s natural barrier; with impaired barrier function skin becomes susceptible to redness, sensitivity, dryness, poor texture, dullness, and possibly earlier visible signs of aging like fine lines and a loss of firmness.

In order to soothe, hydrate, balance, and improve the complexion, the Seaberry Moisturizer from Puristry combines the power of Sea Buckthorn with nourishing Coconut Oil, moisturizing Shea Butter, and smoothing Grapeseed Oil. These rich, plant based moisturizers bring a deeply conditioning aspect to the formula that makes it excellent for those seeking smoother, softer skin. Whether your skin is combination with occasional breakouts, or aging and dry with some visible lines, the Seaberry moisturizer will give you a more radiant, glowing complexion without any harsh chemicals, irritating synthetic preservatives, or unnecessary fillers.

Collagen producing peptides, omega fatty acids and protective antioxidants are having their moment right now in berry form, and we’re all in. From the Greeks to Genghis Khan, this berry draws on a seriously long, proven tradition of nourishing and repairing skin, which has been brought to life by over a hundred contemporary studies substantiating the buzz. More of this, please!

Team Puristry
Team Puristry

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