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These 5 areas are the first to show signs of aging -- and here’s what you can do about it

The first signs of aging are often subtle and incremental changes, that sneak up on us where we least expect it. In the battle against time-damaged skin, it’s essential to be extra aware of areas that show signs of aging first, and to know what to look out for. Here we’ve rounded up five areas that display different signs of aging, and some pointers towards the best ingredients for treating these areas.

Aging Hands


It’s important to remember that different parts of your body have very different skin textures, and therefore require different kinds of treatments. The first area we’re focusing on are the hands. Hands have tiny pores and a thinner texture than skin on the face, so you can treat them with extra rich hydrants without any concern over causing a breakout.

Hands are often over-exposed to sun, so they can easily develop sun spots and age spots -- dead giveaways of your age, no matter how effective your face care regime is. To treat age spots on the hands, opt for a hand a hand cream with a high antioxidant content that promotes cell turnover and collagen synthesis, for smooth and youthful digits. Look for formulas boasting things like acai and grape extract, or rosehip and vitamin E to lessen signs of dark spots.

Aging Neck


The neck is another problem area for many of us, and it often shows signs of aging before all other areas. Typically, skin on the neck becomes extremely vulnerable to a reduction in collagen production, resulting in a crepey, less taut appearance. Gravity combined with sun exposure are the culprits behind a crepe-paper effect that sometimes develops in neck skin, plus sagging and loosening.

To prevent and treat these symptoms of aging skin, it’s important to use products that stimulate collagen and elastin production. One go-to ingredient here is retinol, a form of vitamin A that promotes skin renewal, enhances collagen production, and promotes skin density and elasticity.

Another star ingredient for collagen production is Hyaluronic Acid, a chemical that produces fullness in the skin through providing structural support to tissue. HA also has a unique ability to retain and hold large amounts of moisture, making it a critical component for battling signs of aging in the neck area. With these all-star stats in mind, it was added to Puristry’s Vine Therapy Serum, a powerful product for battling signs of aging.

Aging Mouth


Skin structure around the mouth is quite porous and fragile, making it easily susceptible to the effects of aging. Since this area is subject to lots of tugging and pulling (every time you frown or smile), lines can begin to develop as early as your mid-twenties. There are generally three signs of aging skin that take up residence on your face: smile lines that run from the corn of your nose to the corner of your mouth, downturned lines at the corner of your mouth known as marionette lines, and vertical fine lines appearing above your upper lip. All three of these aging symptoms are directly related to a reduction in collagen and elastin around the mouth, and a loss in hydration in the weakened skin barrier around the mouth.

To minimize aging skin in the mouth area, a good facial oil like Puristry’s Restorative Facial Oil should be a key part of your approach. Applying a facial oil effectively strengthens your epidermal barrier, meaning that less H20 can escape from any moisturizer you’re using. This will help the whole mouth area appear plumper and fuller. Also keep an eye out for products containing niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that strengthens a weakened skin surface, effectively remedying the depth and severity of fine lines.

Aging Eyes


Eyes have especially delicate skin around them, and can be treated with ultra rich and nourishing ingredients. These same ingredients might otherwise need to be diluted when applied to less fragile areas of the face. Signs of aging around the eyes usually take the form of fine lines, drooping eyelids, and an increase in swelling, bags, and under eye darkness.

To treat these symptoms, opt for caffeine rich ingredients, which promote circulation and reduce swelling. Puristry’s Yerba Mate Eye Cream features caffeine rich yerba mate for improved firmness and brightness in the eye area. Other aging skin ingredients to keep an eye out for eyes for are green tea (again for a caffeine kick) and rich moisturizers. Shea butter, a super effective plant based moisturizer, has a high concentration of skin strengthening fatty acids.

Aging Jawline


Last place to monitor? Your jawline, an inconspicuous area that can be easy to miss when thinking about anti-aging treatments. As we age, the skin on the jawline can actually take on a more padded and full look than it once did, due to gravity induced tissue and fat displacement. These drooping portions are commonly (and unflatteringly) referred to as jowls, and along with gravity, thinning skin and a loss in elasticity exacerbate the problem.

To minimize aging skin along the jaw, it’s essential to use organic skincare products that enhance your levels of elastin, the connective tissue protein that lets skin return to its normal shape after being stretched. Elastin can be found in natural cosmetics featuring kelp and sea algae derivatives and extracts – algae and kelp are high in peptides that reduce skin slackening, protect skin’s elastin levels and maintain flexibility and denseness of the skin.

The takeaway? Keep an eye on these potential problem areas, and treat smartly based on the different skin types present in each area.

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Rosemarie Patterson

February 01, 2019

I have been using this entire line for about 6 months now and am very happy. All the products work well together and my skin looks great. I get many compliments on my skin and I am on my way to being 60 ! Taking care of your skin consistently and with quality products is the only way! I have been since I am 12 and have tried many products along with way. I highly recommend this line. I love it!

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