January 07, 2019

It’s time to replace harsh chemicals with natural, skin nourishing ingredients!


Want to know what all natural makeup and organic beauty products have in common? They make us look gorgeous without causing damage. Products containing harsh chemicals? Not so much. Some may think that chemicals are more powerful or effective than natural ingredients. This is not the case. Chemicals may help to solve one problem, while causing another. Then we have to get another product to fix the problem the original product caused, and the cycle begins again.

It’s time to start reading the fine print on labels. Phthalates, parabens and even formaldehyde can be found in some high-end skin care and cosmetic ingredient lists. While we may want to look young and beautiful forever, we definitely don’t want a corpse-like appearance. The Puristry philosophy is built on the belief that formaldehyde is better used on dead bodies. Instead, we champion whole, natural and organic ingredients for effect. Keep reading for all the lowdown dirty details on chemicals in skin care.

Skin Absorption and Chemicals

One thing that we never stop to think about is how our skin covers our entire body. We even refer to skin as our largest organ. Like an organ, skin provides an essential function: protecting our insides from damage. It’s easy to forget that our skin needs a little protection, too. First, you’ll need to recognize that everything you put ON your skin, will eventually be absorbed. What happens to products once they’re absorbed? During this process, known as “dermal absorption”, chemicals can enter the bloodstream simply by coming into contact with our skin, then penetrating skin’s outer layers. That means next thing you know, the chemicals in your skin care are inside your body. Ask yourself this: are you using ingredients that you’d feel safe with entering your body?

Chemical Vs. Natural: Sunscreen

Another way of protecting our skin is by using sunscreen. We’ve been told that SPF is a non-negotiable, that it’s essential to fight skin cancer and prevent sun burns. Here’s the issue – most sunscreen products contain harsh and harmful chemicals. Certain sunscreens on the market can actually cause cancer instead of preventing it. We don’t believe in that, and don’t support it in any way. That’s why we recommend natural SPF and non-toxic sunscreen. A quick option that keeps skin soft, hydrated and protected is coconut oil. This simple, natural oil isn’t quite as strong as harsh chemicals, but provides an excellent natural, vegan alternative. Slather it on before a day at the beach (or maybe even Coachella) to prevent sunburns and red, flaking skin. The other way to protect your precious skin is by infusing your daily skin care routine with antioxidant rich ingredients. Your skin needs nourishment too to stay healthy and strong against the elements.


Chemical Vs. Natural: Preservatives

As we mentioned before, some products on the market contain harsh chemicals and toxins that cause damage to the skin. One of the reasons why chemicals are included in ingredients is to preserve the other ingredients inside. A type of commonly known chemical preservatives are parabens. Parabens are included in products to prevent bacteria from growing in our skin care and beauty supplies. While parabens do help to prevent bacterial growth in these types of products, they’ve also been linked to hormonal issues because of how they can behave like estrogen. For example, parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue, suggesting a possible link between the two. Who'd think that our daily moisturizer or face wash could be causing this much damage? We aren’t prepared to take that kind of risk, or expose our customers and supporters to chemicals such as these.


We craft our products using natural preservatives instead of parabens. Take for example our Vine Therapy Serum. Not only is our serum cruelty-free and vegan, but it’s USDA certified organic. Instead of using a harmful synthetic or toxin to preserve the active ingredients inside, we use exotic Japanese honeysuckle. We’ve talked about the power of Japanese honeysuckle before but in essence, it goes through a natural derivation process in which the flower is converted into phytochemicals with powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This soft, luxurious floral allows us to create beautiful, potent products for you that are high quality and give natural, healthy results.

One major issue with some natural products is that the avoidance of chemical preservatives can mean the products have a much lower shelf life. As consumers, none of us want to research and invest time and money into new cosmetics, only to find that the product runs out or goes bad before we feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth. None of that here at Puristry. Our founder has over 10 years of experience creating these natural formulations. We can ensure that the value of the product is there by creating items that are sustainably sourced and realistic for our busy and demanding lifestyles.

Puristry Facial Oil

Two of our high-value superstar products, our Vine Therapy Serum and Restorative Facial Oil, include natural preservatives that are organic and included not just for preserving the product but also for effect. The rose hip and sage oils in our Restorative Facial Oil help to address skin irritation, fight bacteria and pull triple duty preserving the other ingredients inside. For our Vine Therapy Serum, some of the star ingredients are organic shea butter and grape seed oil. Shea butter contains high vitamin E potency, great for preserving products and supple, youthful skin. Grape seed oil is a natural preservative used in cosmetics as well as food. Acting not only as preservatives but as active ingredients, shea butter, grape seed oil, rosehip oil and sage oil all contribute to the power and potency of our products.

It’s clear that in the battle between natural preservatives and chemical alternatives, there’s no competition. While yes, chemical products do serve the purpose of preserving products, they can be very harsh and harmful to our skin in a way that just isn’t worth the risk. When it comes to healthy bodies, natural products support us all the way. They contain vitamins and nutrients that our skin can safely absorb. They don’t disrupt our system, but cause gentle and sustainable results. We’re so grateful that we’re able to positively impact the beauty industry and the environment with beautiful, organic, non-toxic products that give all of us the results that we want: healthy, happy, glowing skin.

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