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by Team Puristry March 07, 2018

Light, anti-inflammatory spring skin care formulas for soothing and protection.

With spring around the corner, it’s time to kick into damage control mode, and prepare for the skin mood swings of the new season. Winter weather leaves us all with dryness, irritation, and flakiness from the low-humidity winter months, and if you’re prone to eczema or other skin conditions that act up when there’s a shortage of moisture, chances are you’re also battling those fronts. Chapped lips are another winter bother, not to mention cracking and redness from exposure to wind and frost. Lucky for us, as the weather warms and humidity returns to the air, we can move past this bundle of cold weather skin catastrophes and focus on the next round of troubles, from allergies to sun exposure to exacerbated oiliness. So with these new concerns to handle, let the spring cleaning of your skin care routine commence.

Puristry Restorative Facial Oil and Vine Therapy Serum

Spring Skin Care Essentials

Early spring skin care is a delicate balancing act – between healing winter skin trauma, while simultaneously dealing with the sometimes pore-clogging, sunburn inducing, and inflammation provoking spring climate (which can be especially aggravating for skin that hasn’t seen sun or sweat for a few months, so early spring sometimes produces the worst skin reactions). Spring weather isn’t nearly as dry as the winter months, so it becomes more imperative to focus on light formulas and slightly less rich moisture delivery systems – when your sweat and oil production kick into gear, it becomes less necessary to feed your skin ultra rich moisture as part of an everyday routine. Our focus for spring skin care has three major prongs: light formulas that don’t clog your pores but are still nourishing, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can pump the brakes on inflammation from allergies and plant matter and keep you refreshed, and sun protection both in the form of coverage and preventative anti-aging ingredients that address UV damage. Our three spring must haves? Organic skin care products Vine Therapy Serum, Restorative Facial Oil, and Yerba Mate Eye Cream.

A Light and Fast-Absorbing Serum

Puristry’s Vine Therapy Serum is a super nourishing and moisturizing formula that’s key for regaining moisture balance after a winter-long skin draught. Its base is comprised of organic aloe water and organic shea butter: aloe for it’s anti-inflammatory and humectant properties, and shea butter for its high concentration of fatty acids and ultra nourishing properties. It’s a perfect product for spring because in spite of its moisture enhancing base, it’s super light and fast-absorbing enough for the springtime weather. Organic Japanese honeysuckle in the formula treats inflammation and itching and acts as an antibacterial agent (so it’s helpful for an acne prone dermis and naturally preserves the serum). Hyaluronic acid is another skin care gem that keeps collagen synthesis up, meaning that this serum is a powerful product for combatting visible signs of aging. Plus, the serum formula contains antioxidants from grape seed extract to defend skin against free radical damage which can develop as a result of sun exposure, which can contribute to a host of symptoms like premature wrinkling, age spotting and discoloration from sun damage. In other words, this product simultaneously treats dryness from winter exposure, while also addressing sun-related aging concerns that become more of an issue in the spring.

Puristry Restorative Facial Oil Repairs

A Facial Oil to Balance Skin Oil Production

Second in our spring must-have trifecta is our Restorative Facial Oil, a key product for combatting common spring skin woes – particularly oily skin and uneven texture. Contrary to common belief, oil doesn’t actually contribute to breakouts and clogged pores. Organic cold pressed oils like the ones used in this formula are actually essential for helping to balance out skin oil levels, through regulating sebum production and dissolving impurities. Mini chemistry lesson: like dissolves like, so applying oil to your face can actually dissolve excess oil and impurities, leaving you with a matter and softer complexion over time. The Restorative Facial Oil formula contains a synergistic blend of antioxidant-rich rosehip oil, ultra anti-inflammatory pomegranate oil, and anti-aging acai oil. The antioxidant-packed formula means that this product treats sun related aging concerns, and the anti-inflammatory pomegranate oil soothes redness and irritation that’s often provoked by light allergies and airborne irritants from blooming flowers. Learn about the other antioxidant-rich hero ingredients we use in our organic skin care products.

An Anti-Inflammatory Eye Cream

Finally the Yerba Mate Eye Cream is an essential spring skin savior. While spring is a gorgeous time of year, it can be a dreaded month for those of us battling red and puffy eyes, thanks to histamine, the neurotransmitter that dilates blood vessels and leads to inflammation, and is produced (or overproduced) in response to airborne allergens. This formula contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to combat the puffy eyes that are a side effect of histamine. Caffeine rich yerba mate is clinically proven to stimulate circulation and blood flow, effectively brighten dark under eye circles and reduce swelling. The formula also addresses fine lines and wrinkles that can develop in the spring months (squinting into the sun can cause crow’s feet and wrinkles) – organic grapeseed oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and E, as well as flavonoids called oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which remove free radicals and promote the restoration of collagen at the cellular level. In addition, the formula contains organic bergaptene free bergamot fruit oil, a natural cleanser that battles buildup of sweat and impurities, and treats oily and sensitive skin that emerges in spring temperatures. Overall, the product produces a firmer and smoother eye area, keeping things fresh, bright, and unirritated.

Armed with these light and soothing ingredients and plant-based formulas (to battle plant-provoked allergies), spring skin care can be a gentle and fragrant breeze. Keep up with us here for more seasonal beauty stories.

Team Puristry
Team Puristry

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