March 11, 2019

Refreshing spring skin care formulas to awaken your skin from its winter slumber.

With the spring equinox upon us, many of us are breathing a sigh of relief. The cold winter weather isn’t just a downer on our minds and to-do list. The dry winter air can do a real number on our skin too. Fighting that dry, flakey skin is a never-ending battle in the cold months. But that won’t do for the springtime. We’re feeling the urge to wake up from hibernation, and putting a fresh face forward. For that reason, Puristry’s special spring beauty highlight is on brightening dull winter skin, and restoring a natural glow to your look. But we won’t forget to address the skin mood swings of the new season too. We’re talking about allergies, sun exposure, and excess oil on our skin. So it’s time to take the spring cleaning of your routine seriously, and spring your complexion back to life again.

Spring Skin Care

Spring Skin Care Essentials

Spring weather isn’t nearly as dry as the winter months, so it becomes more important to focus on light formulas that are intensely moisturizing without being greasy. When your sweat and oil production kick into gear, you’ll want to keep up with a regular face cleansing routine that keeps clogged pores and breakouts at bay. At the same time, you’ll want natural ingredients that aid your skin in recovering from sun exposure, while still being gentle enough for spring allergy prone skin. Our beauty heroes for the spring? Organic skin care products Nopal Cactus Cleanser,, Flower Water Toner, and Yerba Mate Eye Cream. Our three spring must haves? Organic skin care products Vine Therapy Serum, Restorative Facial Oil, and Yerba Mate Eye Cream.

Sweep That Sweat Away

Cleansing is essential for all skin types. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to brush away the dry dead skin cells that contribute to a dull complexion, and can lead to breakouts when they clog pores. People with oily skin types will tend to focus on sweeping away excess oil that can similarly lead to acne when they remain on your skin for too long. And everyone definitely wants to use a facial cleanser that thoroughly purifies their complexion, without drying it out.

That’s where Puristry’s Nopal Cactus Cleanser meets the perfect middle ground. It contains yuzu citius that acts as a cleanser, and also enriches skin with vitamin C to promote a brighter, plumper complexion. The base of organic aloe water sweeps away debris, while deeply soothing reddened or irritated skin.

And not to worry, this cleanser doesn’t just remove gunk from your skin, it actually gives back too. Hero ingredient nopal cactus infuses diverse plant nutrients into your skin. Polysaccharides help your skin stay hydrated, while antioxidants protect your skin from harmful sun damage. In other words, this product simultaneously treats winter dullness, while also addressing sun-related aging concerns that become more of an issue in the spring.

Spring Clean Your Routine

Let Your Skin Blossom and Glow

Second in our spring must-have trifecta is our Flower Water Toner, a key product for combatting common spring skin woes – particularly oily skin and uneven texture. It’s a super nourishing and hydrating formula that’s key for regaining moisture balance after the winter drought.

Why exactly is a toner so important in your beauty routine in the first place? Firstly, it provides a second soothing cleanse after your face wash. While a cleanser might loosen oil and dirt from your pores, applying a toner afterwards makes sure that these dirt particles are actually swept away from the surface of your skin. If let to sit, this extra debris can weigh down around your pores and make them look larger than they are. When in doubt, refresh your face with a toner to help minimize the appearance of your pores. The witch hazel in the Flower Water Toner does an extra step of purifying your pores too to keep spring acne away. Spritz it on after a workout to keep your face fresh and clear.

Next, Puristry’s Flower Water Toner packs a dose of hyaluronic acid to infuse hydration straight into your pores. Ulta glowing goddess status reached! Hyaluronic acid actually pulls double duty too by prepping your skin for maximum water and nutrient retention. Apply it before your serum to get the most benefits!

The florals in this toner aren’t just for scent. They help to soften skin, lessen redness, and even skin tone. How that works? Rose water boasts a slightly acidic pH level that meets your skin’s natural requirements. So instead of welcoming spring with a series of breakouts and rashes, you can carry on and keep your skin calm.

Give Your Eyes a Caffeine Fix

Finally the Yerba Mate Eye Cream is an essential spring skin savior. If you’re having trouble with sleepy-looking eyes during the earlier sunlight hours, a dose of caffeine for your eyelids should help do the trick. In addition, while spring is a gorgeous time of year, it can be a dreaded month for those of us battling red and puffy eyes, thanks to allergies. Keep this eye cream handy to to keep allergy miseries to a minimum.

Caffeine isn’t just an energy-booster for your mind. It turns out to be an essential in an natural skin care routine. Caffeine rich yerba mate is clinically proven to stimulate circulation and blood flow, effectively brighten dark under eye circles, and reduce puffy eyes.

This organic eye cream formula also addresses fine lines and wrinkles that can develop in the spring months (squinting into the sun can cause crow’s feet and wrinkles). Organic grapeseed oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and E, as well as flavonoids that remove free radicals and promote the restoration of collagen at the cellular level. Overall, this eye cream helps produce a firmer and smoother eye area, keeping things fresh and bright, just how you hoped spring would be.

Armed with these light and soothing ingredients and plant-based formulas, spring skin care can be a gentle and fragrant breeze. Keep up with us here for more seasonal beauty stories, and learn how pure chemistry based on plant goodness can boost your skin health.

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