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How to use lavender cold pressed oil in organic skin care for healthier, happier skin

There’s a reason that “lavender” is one of the most popular scents for most personal care and aromatherapy products. Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender) is one of the most fragrant types of this vibrant purple bloom, and is the variety you’ll find in all Puristry skin care products. You can use lavender oil for skin care, body care, and aromatherapy to reap its many benefits — from acne-purifying to relaxation and nearly everything in between!


Floral Cold Pressed Oils

Floral powerhouses like lavender, chamomile, witch hazel, and orange blossom come complete with essential oils that assist and support healthy balanced skin. Puristry checks all the boxes when it comes to organic skin care. Instead of being included for fragrance or popularity, floral cold pressed oils are incorporated in formulas to have a positive effect on the skin, and to actually address skin care needs or concerns. When it comes to organic skin care, florals are the unspoken heroes of most quality products. Instead of being cooked up in a lab, they are grown, sustainable, and naturally powerful.

Floral cold pressed oils can also soothe your mind and body. Puristy celebrates the power of organic beauty ingredients by using pure floral oils to give you long-lasting, healthy results. Take roses for example; it may be hard to believe that a flower so rich in color actually reduces redness instead of enhancing it, but rose cold pressed oil is naturally calming against redness, irritation and dryness. We included organic rosehip seed oil in our Restorative Facial Oil, contributing all the benefits listed above as well as promoting a smooth complexion and a subtle scent to enjoy. Our ingredients maximize the power of florals to create luxurious, healthy, and effective products. Today we’re highlighting organic cold pressed lavender oil, to show how they’re providing benefits for your skin.


Benefits of Lavender Oil for Skin

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is a major plus for dry, itchy skin. Has your skin ever felt tight or uncomfortable? Skin tightening and irritation can be a tell-tale sign of inflammation. Inflamed skin can also show symptoms such as redness, itchiness, bumpiness, and a stinging or burning sensation — similar to the symptoms of an allergic reaction. External factors such as icy cold winds, frequent indoor heating and irritating or harmful cosmetic products only exacerbate the problem.

Instead of slathering on a host of unfamiliar products, we believe that less is more. Our ingredient lists are easy to read and understand, so instead of 50 different ingredients that are more difficult to pronounce than they are helpful, we simply use 100% organic lavender cold pressed oil in our products to help calm upset skin. In addition to the rosehip seed oil we mentioned, our Restorative Facial Oil also contains organic lavender essential oil, perfect for fighting a sudden unsightly rash, blistering sunburn or soothing any inflammation away.

In a pinch, lavender oil can also act as a wound healing treatment for minor scrapes and irritations. Properly diluted, it can be utilized for insect bites, minor burns, and even as a soothing salve for irritations caused by sensitive skin.


Lavender Reduces Anxiety and Emotional Stress

Ever heard the phrase, ‘stop and smell the roses’? In this case, we recommend stopping to smell the lavender!

Historically, lavender has been significant in many cultures and for a variety of uses. Recently, lavender has made its way to the spotlight for fighting migraines, calming the mind, and enhancing sleep quality. One way to incorporate lavender into your lifestyle is through an organic tea. Try a cup each night about one hour before bed to get a better night’s sleep.

Another option is to bring in lavender potpourri or an oil diffuser with lavender cold pressed oil for your room or bathroom. Keep a small potted lavender plant at your desk and take a whiff when deadlines and meetings get the best of you. Better yet, keep your Restorative Facial Oil with you at all times and dab a bit on your temples or behind your neck to invite in more peaceful thoughts.

For a full body treatment, try adding a few drops of lavender oil to a carrier oil like sweet almond, jojoba, vitamin E, or coconut oil. Add a few drops, using no more than a ratio of 2%, of pure essential oil to total carrier oil volume. Use your lavender-infused concoction as a massage oil to relieve pain, tension, and stress all over your body


Antibacterial Benefits of Lavender for Skin

If you haven’t fallen in love with lavender yet, this benefit will seal the deal. Lavender contains bacteria killers and sebum regulators to bring skin to a state of harmony. This means it helps to keep pores clean of buildup but also fights acne and breakouts. One of the primary contributors to adult acne is bacteria. We transfer it to our skin all the time on accident – when our hair falls into our face, when we scratch, when we wrap our favorite cozy scarf around our neck – but thankfully we have the perfect thing to help keep acne at bay. Our Flower Water Toner incorporates over 7 powerful florals and cold pressed essential oils, including organic lavender oil, which all come together to fight off acne-causing bacteria for a smooth, clean and balanced complexion. Each morning and night, apply onto clean skin to neutralize any excess oil or bacteria. Add a bit into a spray bottle and spritz onto the center of your face throughout the day for a midday pick-me-up on the go.


In terms of skin, we like to think of lavender as a peacemaker. It’s an antioxidant flower that fights off bacteria and free radicals to bring our skin to a clean balance. Being that lavender is an antioxidant, it is much more powerful than a synthetic alternative that can cause aged, unhealthy skin down the line.

Lavender also helps to prevent stress and headaches and overall uplifts our moods — when it comes to skin, this floral is also ultra-calming and smoothing. Lavender does everything possible to give us happy, healthy skin, which is why we use 100% organic lavender oil in our Puristry formulas — so you can get the most bang for your buck.

In our Yerba Mate Eye Cream for instance, lavender helps to improve circulation to de-puff swollen eyes and dark circles for a youthful appearance. Then there’s our Nopal Cactus Cleanser – in concert with the bergamot and vetiver oils, the organic lavender oil in this natural face wash helps to repair scarring and stimulate new skin growth.

What we put on and in our bodies is so important because it affects how we look and how we feel. With Puristry, we provide organic lavender oil in its natural state — and pure oils mean a higher, more effective concentration of benefits for your skin.

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