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by Team Puristry March 21, 2018

A fast absorbing, natural eye cream is necessary for your sensitive eye area.

Puristry Yerba Mate Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is especially delicate and prone to fine lines, sun damage, pollution and irritation. Because of this, it’s important to establish an eyecare routine to complement your anti-aging or targetted smoothing regime that you use for the rest of your face. An eye cream is formulated with slightly different concerns in mind than a face moisturizer, so it’s essential to be using both synergistically.

The Skin Around Your Eyes

What are the primary differences between fragile eye skin and the dermal layers on the rest of your face? Mainly, the skin around your eyes is 3 to 7 times thinner than that on the rest of your face. Additionally, pores are a few hundred times smaller around the eye area than the skin on other areas of your face. Because of this, it’s quite uncommon to get acne or congested pores in the eye area – you don’t run the same risks of breaking out due to excess dead skin and sebum, and this means that it’s less necessary to use anti-acne astringents or exfoliating products around the eyes. Even conventional astringents and acne treatments - which are supposed to clarify and smooth thicker skin areas around the jaw and cheeks - will likely irritate your skin when applied around the eyelids and tear ducts. The takeaway? Conventional clarifying and exfoliating facial treatments should not be used around the eye area – better to opt with a gentler natural formula that takes into consideration the unique skin composition around the eye.

Note that the FDA does regulate products designed to be applied topically around the eye area (more so than it does for conventional cosmetics meant to be applied to the face), due in part to the threat of blindness that’s posed by eye contamination. That said, there’s still a great deal of wiggle room with regards to what large cosmetic companies include in their “fragrance” formulas, and it’s not uncommon to develop cysts, eye irritation, and swelling due to overuse of mainstream eye makeup and product formulas. Overall, gentle plant-based ingredients are your best bet for your sensitive peepers.

Yerba Mate Leaves

Yerba Mate Eye Cream

With these considerations in mind, we’ve formulated our Yerba Mate Eye Cream to specifically address the unique needs of the eye area. Its base is comprised of organic yerba mate water - a caffeine rich humectant which stimulates circulation and restores brightness to the undereye crescent - and organic shea butter, which addresses eye area dryness (and the associated flaking or irritation that can come with it). Plus the formula contains antioxidant rich and collagen stimulating grapeseed oil - a key eye treatment ingredient that addresses the ultra sensitive area. And for antibacterial and anti-toxin action that wards off eye infection and irritation, the formula features the naturally aromatic and antimicrobial organic bergaptene free bergamot oil, a star ingredient that also regulates the supply of melanin, helping to even skin tone and eye area discoloration. Due to the thin and translucent nature of the skin around your eyes, it’s extra vulnerable to UV damage and trauma from squinting and rubbing. Signs of aging appear there first, so extra care needs to be taken to give your eyes targeted skin-loving ingredients that help you look alert and vibrant.

The bottom line? Eye cream and face cream have different functions and require different ingredient compositions and ratios. Active exfoliants and conventional clarifiers are best kept out of the eye area, which will respond most effectively to ultra gentle and nourishing formulas which take into consideration the factors causing under eye fluid buildup and shadows. The goal is a synergistic skincare regime that takes into account different skin needs. Check in with us here for more product spotlights.

Team Puristry
Team Puristry

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