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Shining the spotlight on this hydrating skin care sweetheart

If you’re not including a facial toner in your skin care collection, chances are it’s because you’ve heard some untrue rumors. Something about it being “stripping” or “drying”? Or maybe you associate it with something only acne-prone skin types need to use. Well today we’re debunking these common toner myths. The purpose of facial toner is to deeply hydrate any skin type. For the reasons listed below, we believe toner should *never* be skipped in your skin care routine!

Flower Water Toner

What Does Toner Do for Skin?

The benefits of an organic facial toner are more varied than you think. Adding one to your skin care routine can help tone, hydrate, cleanse, and balance your skin to keep it looking healthy and glowing.


Face toner is a super overachiever, with a plethora of benefits that make it the secret weapon of many skincare gurus. Probably its most obvious virtue? It tones your skin. But what does that mean? Toning refers to a process of gently removing oil, dirt, and environmental impurities with a cotton pad, which would otherwise clog pores if left on the skin overnight or throughout the course of a day.

Inflamed or enlarged pores are often the result of excess oil or makeup that’s been improperly removed. Although it’s impossible to shrink your pores (just like you can’t wish yourself taller), toner is super effective at minimizing their appearance. This is because it removes the dark dirt and debris that can fill your pores and make them look larger. Using a cotton ball to swipe the Flower Water Toner over skin after you cleanse or exfoliate will pick up leftover dirt or debris, and work to tighten pores.

Flower Toner


Unlike alcohol based toners, natural and organic toners are ultra hydrating and humectant, meaning they restore and retain water in your skin. They won’t leave you with the dry, doused-in-salicylic-acid look that you rocked in middle school.

Our Puristry Flower Water Toner is a calming skin quencher that uses hydrating ingredients — like rose and calendula hydrosol — to reduce inflammation in sensitive skin and enhance skin hydration in dry skin. This toner also features alcohol-free, organic witch hazel for its tightening and antibacterial properties. Hyaluronic acid is added for maximum water retention and increased skin suppleness. Used over time, this must-have will leave you with a glow-from-within – and you’ll be a toner convert.

Toner Water


Toner application should always come after cleansing and exfoliation in your beauty routine. It’s a super essential step, especially if you have acnegenic or oily skin. When you wash your face, you’ll remove surface level impurities and oiliness, but unless you’re experimenting with double cleansing (first oil, then water-based), you’ll be left with trace impurities. You’ll also be left with a thin film from your cleanser, which is not designed to be left on your skin. This is where toner comes in handy! Organic toners will remove excess dirt after cleansing, and ensure that the cleanser itself is fully removed from your face (accidentally leaving cleanser on your skin is a surefire way to increase acne).

If you’ve just done a scrub or microdermabrasion, you’ll be left with a layer of dead skin cells sitting on the top of your skin. Using a toner after exfoliating will effectively remove the dead skin cells you’ve just sloughed off. This will reveal fresh skin and pores that have been effectively cleansed and are ready to absorb moisturizer to their greatest capacity.

PRO TIP: Facial toner is a great product to dab on areas where you’ve done hair removal. Its capacity to remove dead skin means it’s a superhero when it comes to banishing ingrown hairs.

Rose Water Droplets


Post cleanse and exfoliation, it’s also important to think about re-establishing equilibrium on your face. Toners really shine here, with their ability to restores hydration and skin’s pH balance after a deep cleanse or exfoliating session. Puristry Flower Water Toner is especially key here. Rose water hydrosol has a pH level that falls within the ideal range for healthy skin, so its application is especially helpful for getting your skin’s acid/ base balance back to normal after a deep cleanse or scrub. Witch hazel (also in Puristry Flower Water Toner) has a slightly acidic pH, which is actually great for your skin post cleanse. Water’s pH can be more alkaline, and can throw your face off its equilibrium. Witch hazel brings your skin’s natural acid mantle back to homeostasis, effectively fighting off bacteria that causes acne.

If you’re experimenting with a multi-step routine this winter, follow this outline for enhanced results and maximum product performance. First cleanse. Next, exfoliate (if you’re needing it). Follow with an organic toner, then serum (your skin will be prepped for the serum following the toner). Finish with a moisturizer. It’s all about synergy between different products. And just like us, they’re stronger together!

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Sue Bower

May 25, 2018

I just received my order of all your 6 of your products from 100% pure on a special. I was disappointed with the extremely small print on the grey boxes and plastic bottles as I prefer glass.
I can’t read it, also, I wish it included instructions & product details & order of application so I don’t have to go online all the time.
That being said, I’ve only used the cleanser, toner & seaberry moisturizer – my skin feels so soft & refreshed!! I knew I would like the moisturizer from the sample! I wish you would sell it in sample packets for summer travel.

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