May 31, 2019

A Men's Skin Care Routine Actually Worth Doing

If you’re not already adding a regular skin care regimen to your grooming routine, chances are that you just don’t see a point in investing your time and effort into it. But once you get into a habit of it and start seeing results, you’ll realize that it’s a necessary part of your daily routine, just like working out at the gym.

But how do you get started and reap the most benefits from the start? That’s where minimalist skin care comes in. As with all areas of your life, wouldn’t you rather work smarter, not harder? That’s why we recommend sticking to high quality organic skin care products that you can trust to only do the most amount of good for your precious skin.

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, this 4 step men’s skin care routine should easily do the trick in conquering your acne or flaky skin, and help prevent early signs of aging before they sneak up on you.

Men's skin care routineWhat’s Your Skin Type?

Normal: Your skin isn’t overly dry or oily. You don’t get rough flaky patches or acne often. However, a regular skin care routine is still necessary to help protect you against future signs of aging.

Oily skin: You often notice a greasiness or shine to your skin. You get clogged pores or acne breakouts often. You’ll need to find a way to combat this excess oil!

Dry skin: Your skin feels tight and dry. You notice rough patches of flaky skin. Your complexion looks dull, which might come with acne too. You need to restore moisture back to your skin!

Sensitive skin: Your skin gets red, itchy, or irritated easily. You need products that’ll soothe your skin without irritating it further.

Aging skin: You see wrinkles, fine lines, or crow’s feet around your eyes. You might see dark spots too. You’ll need powerful anti-aging ingredients to help recover and protect your skin.

Men's face washAn Easy Men’s Skin Care Routine in 4 Steps
  1. Cleanse for 30 seconds

Cleansing is the most important step of your routine. While you may be tempted to just splash your face with water and go, just plain water isn’t enough to take care of your skin. If you have oily skin, leaving all that extra grease untouched on your face is enough to clog your pores. Combined with the bacteria your face picks up throughout the day and night, that can lead to some nasty breakouts!

To do the best job of cleansing with minimal extra effort, we recommend an organic cleanser featuring naturally purifying ingredients, such as nopal cactus that detoxes skin with necessary vitamins. Plus, the essential oils in this  Nopal Cactus Cleanser are naturally antibacterial too! Massage this cleanser gently into your skin for a good 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water.

  1. Serum for 20 seconds

Now that your pores are nice and clear, they’re better prepared to absorb nutrients from a serum. A serum goes right after cleansing and before moisturizing. This step is your opportunity to supercharge your skin care routine with potent anti-aging ingredients. Think about all the damage you expose your skin to throughout the day as it protects you. We’re talking about UV rays, pollution, bacteria, and more. Trust us, this extra step is worth it.

Treat your skin right with an antioxidant-rich face serum. Antioxidants are molecules that help defend your skin against signs of aging and even potentially cancer! They’re naturally found in grapeseed and grape skin, which is the reason why you may have heard that drinking red wine is good for you. Tackle those fine lines and wrinkles with a grape-rich serum. Gently pat the serum into your skin for the best effect.

  1. Eye cream for 15 seconds

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. If you’re feeling tired, chances are that it really shows in your sagging eyes! A caffeine-packed eye cream gives your skin a pick-me-up by brightening dark circles and reducing puffiness. But eye creams do more than just treat dark circles. With the right formula and right blend of natural ingredients, you can tackle those pesky crow’s eye feet too.

This caffeine-rich Yerba Mate Eye Cream stimulates circulation, resulting in brighter and less puffy eyes. Not only that, it contains bonus ingredient green tea oil to help smooth fine lines and creases around eyes. Apply a pea sized of eye cream onto your clean ring finger, and gently pat it around your eyes.

Men's moisturizer

  1. Moisturize for 15 seconds

Now you’re wondering why you need an extra face moisturizer on top of your eye cream. That’s where the science of skin care comes in. The skin around your eyes is actually thinner and contains smaller pores than the skin on the rest of your face. Your face will need a thicker and slightly richer cream to be properly moisturized and shielded from infection.

Enter the seaberry. The seaberry fruit is packed with over 190 bioactive compounds for healthier, firmer skin. What’s more, they’re a powerhouse in Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 that are all vital to keeping your skin plump, smooth, and firm. Definitely do not forgot to apply this Seaberry Moisturizer last in your skin care routine to seal moisture and nutrients into your skin (don’t let your hard work go to waste!).

Practicing this 4 step routine daily is a good place to start. Simple clean ingredients with powerful natural properties go a long way! Remember to follow this routine once in the morning and then again at night. Of course, your grooming routine wouldn’t be complete without a regular balanced diet, exercise, and enough quality sleep. Let your skin recover, keep your stress levels low, and give your skin a helping hand with a daily routine.

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