August 20, 2019

A skin-softening, gentle oil packed with antioxidants.

Applying Coconut Oil

Are you experiencing fine lines and wrinkles that you aren’t so fond of? Or perhaps you don’t have any yet, but you feel the need to begin preventive measures? Regardless, you’ve come to the right place! Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but if you’d rather spend your golden years with as few lines on your face as possible, read onward to learn the secret ingredient for a more radiant, soft complexion.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles and fine lines occur when our skin becomes thinner and begins to lose its elasticity. While the decrease in collagen production is typical amongst all skin types with time, there are external factors that are luckily within your control.

The sun, for instance, is one of the biggest contributors to wrinkles. UV rays can inhibit collagen production and damage the skin. Applying SPF before you go outside is an extremely wise caution to take. Donning a hat as well is even better!

Meanwhile, smoking can heavily speed up your aging process, as nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow throughout your body. This causes poor circulation and demotes healthy blood flow, so stay away from cigarettes!

While these two measures alone will do wonders for your skin, incorporating coconut oil into your regimen will take these measures even further.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Due to its unique fatty acids and antibacterial properties, coconut oil will offer your skin an abundance of benefits. Not only is it excellent for combatting acne. Using coconut oil for wrinkles can be effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Organic Coconut Oil Puristry
Coconut Oil for Anti-Aging

Coconut oil is a natural humectant and emollient, naming it the ideal candidate as a moisturizing ingredient. This means that coconut oil is excellent at replenishing moisture in your skin, as well as protecting it from the elements that would otherwise dry it out. Furthermore, coconut oil is a fantastic promoter of collagen production. Coconut oil can also fight one of the main culprits of premature aging: free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen-derived substances that can increase oxidation speed in the skin, which causes skin to age and break up. Free radicals can be fought, though, with antioxidants. Two great sources of antioxidants are green tea and, of course, coconut oil.

Get the Most Out of Coconut Oil’s Anti-Aging Benefits

An excellent and easy way to give your skin the benefits of coconut oil is to add products containing it to your routine. Our Yerba Mate Eye Cream, Vine Therapy Serum, and Seaberry Moisturizer all include coconut oil, are compatible with each other, and contain high quality organic coconut oil. That being said, coconut oil can absolutely be used as a singular ingredient on your face, though it’s advised that you stick to organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil for the highest antioxidant levels.

Coconut oil is an exceptional ingredient for preventing aging because of its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. While you can certainly apply it alone, it’s much more beneficial to find products with additional ingredients to assist coconut oil, especially those that are gentle, natural and high quality.

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