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How to include this gentle, nourishing ingredient in your skin care routine – and beyond

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Coconut oil can be introduced to your beauty regime in a wide variety of ways. It’s been an organic skin care VIP for years now, thanks to its diverse resume of beneficial properties and its magical skin, hair, and health benefits.

Coconut oil is simply the edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm tree. The nature of coconut fat molecules means that they are slow to oxidize, and thus resist rancidification and spoilage. In other words, coconut oil lasts a long time and is naturally self-preserving. Its antibacterial properties combined with its impressive content of healing fatty acids make it a stellar choice to add to your beauty cabinet.

At Puristry, we use coconut oil as a base ingredient in several of our most hard-working formulas. Here we’re shining the spotlight on this tropical gem, and enlightening you on all you need to know about the benefits of coconut oil on skin.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

The benefits of coconut oil are vast and varied. Chances are, no matter what kind of skin trouble you’re dealing with, coconut oil can be a helpful addition to your skin care regimen.

For acne-prone skin types, congested pores and irritation, coconut oil is extremely beneficial due to its naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties. It contains a high content of lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid that’s known to be an extremely effective antiviral and antimicrobial agent. It’s also sworn by as an effective face wash for those with sensitive skin. Coconut oil softens and dissolves hardened sebum in pores on the face, bringing excess lipids, pollution and toxins from the environment to the skin’s surface. Do note that if you have especially oily skin, coconut oil may have the tendency to clog pores. We advise sticking to lower concentrations of this ingredient if it’s your first time trying it!

The benefits of coconut oil on skin go on and on, especially for mature or dry skin. It’s a natural emollient and humectant that traps moisture in the skin’s epidermal layers and seals it in. Everyday use of coconut oil will produce better hydration levels and fewer fine lines caused by dehydration. Its antioxidant properties, similar to those exhibited in olive oil, make it an ultra effective anti-aging ingredient. Topical application of coconut oil controls and reduces the formation of free radicals (which leads to aging skin and reduced tautness). What’s more, coconut oil has been proven to protect skin from UVA and UVB exposure, making it a prime ingredient to include in a multi-pronged approach to battling age spots and discoloration.

You can find organic coconut oil in the Vine Therapy Serum, where it works with shea butter to leave behind a soft, glowy complexion. It’s accompanied by fellow anti-aging ingredient grapeseed oil for a potent antioxidant punch.

Another plus for both younger acneic skin types and more mature skin types: coconut oil supports and promotes the production of collagen, the skin building block responsible for healing damaged dermal layers. So whether you’re battling acne scars or age-related discoloration, coconut oil is an incredible ingredient to promote the generation of new skin cells, keeping skin tight, elastic, and even-toned. You can easily add it to your skincare routine with a coconut oil based moisturizer such as the Seaberry Moisturizer to leave skin nourished an radiant.

Organic Coconut Oil Puristry Family
How to Enjoy the Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

With these coconut oil skin benefits in mind, we’ve incorporated organic coconut oil into a number of our products. It functions as a versatile base ingredient, providing moisture and fortifying the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Given that it’s a natural preservative that resists rancidity, coconut oil synergistically works with other ingredients to maintain product freshness. It’s an excellent base for emulsifying and delivering other plant-based active ingredients in an absorbable and smooth consistency.

You can find coconut oil in our Vine Therapy Serum, a potent antioxidant-based serum that battles against skin aging due to environmental stress. It’s also in our Yerba Mate Eye Cream and Seaberry Moisturizer – both formulas that rely on its beneficial fatty acids and protective properties.

Coconut oil is an ultra effective and enhancing ingredient to incorporate into plant-based cosmetic formulas. Coconut oil is also a fantastic stand-alone natural product that can be used by itself. Here’s how to use coconut oil in some hair, skin, and diet hacks.

Coconut Oil Skin Care Hacks

Use coconut oil as a natural mouthwash

Its antimicrobial properties mean it will leave you with fresh breath and whiter teeth. Try a method known as oil pulling by swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 15 - 20 minutes. It will leave you with a mouth sans bacteria.

As a lip balm

Battling dehydrated lips? Keep your delicate lip skin hydrated and smooth by applying a dab of virgin coconut oil. Reapply as needed, or use overnight as a restorative lip mask.

Coconut oil makeup remover

Coconut oil makes a great makeup remover for heavy eye makeup, since it easily melts away makeup without you needing to rub your eyes too much. It’s meant to be rinsed off too, so all skin types can benefit!

Repurpose coconut oil as a natural DIY hair mask

Apply it to your locks, then wrap your head in a towel and leave the oil mask on for up to an hour. When you rinse it out (you’ll need shampoo!) you’ll be left with fortified strands that have amped up shine and gloss.

Apply coconut oil as a moisturizer in a pinch

Applied over other serums or active ingredients, it will lock other products in and provide a protective barrier between your dermis and the elements. Plus, it will amp up your skin’s moisture levels and balance out lipid production. Read more on how to correctly use a facial oil. If you have oily skin, you might want to mix the coconut oil with a more non comedogenic oil such as jojoba oil.

Instead of olive oil, use coconut oil for stovetop cooking

It contains medium-chain-triglycerides, a form of healthy saturated fat that’s quickly metabolized. Its antibacterial action promotes healthy immune system functioning, meaning that cooking with coconut oil could help bust your cold.

Opt for Organic for the Best Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

Remember, when choosing an oil for your skin care routine or kitchen, it’s always best to opt for an unrefined, organic choice. Organic coconut oil hasn’t been treated as much as its non-organic counterparts. Conventional coconut oil is often treated with a chemical called hexane, and also deodorized and bleached in a process that strips the oil of its antioxidants. Because of this, health experts recommend unrefined, organic, and cold-pressed oils for nutrition and beauty purposes.

Coconut oil is a true multi-tasker: a superfood and all star when it comes to plant-based organic cosmetics. Keep up with us here for more ingredient spotlights.

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