October 25, 2018

Adding an organic face moisturizer will soften skin, and boost the rest of your skin care routine

There are a wide variety of products on the market that promise to treat dryness, flaking, or roughness – three aggravating and common skin woes that seem to crop up no matter the season. Where things get tricky is understanding what products you need to treat these issues, what you’re buying, what ingredients to look for, and what you can expect from different products.

Seaberry Chart Why Choose an Organic Face Moisturizer?

When choosing a moisturizer, it’s important to go organic. Why? Because what you put on your face will wind up in your bloodstream, and moisturizer is enough of an everyday staple that it’s worth thinking about the long term and daily effects it has on your face. What’s more, conventional moisturizers are packed with synthetic fillers that can leave you with clogged pores and irritation, and chemical-based fragrances that can disrupt your hormonal balance – not to mention the risk of using potentially carcinogenic parabens. Cosmetics are poorly regulated, and beauty companies in the United States are allowed to use almost any new chemicals without government approval. With this in mind, for such an everyday mainstay in your personal care routine, going organic is the best choice.

Seaberry Main Benefits of Using a Moisturizer Every Day

Did you know that your toner contains less than 5% lipids, and your cleansers even less? Lipids are necessary for keeping your barrier function healthy, and for retaining moisture and hydration in your skin. Ample lipids in your lipid barrier mean stronger, more supple skin.

Moisturizer generally contains around 25% lipids, so it will have a thicker and richer consistency than a hydrant like your cleanser or toner. And its function is actually quite different – moisturizers provide a specific lipid balance to help protect the outer layer of your skin, keep moisture from escaping, provide your pores with essential fatty acids, and help regulate sebum production. An organic face moisturizer is a key component in even a bare-bones beauty routine, and is essential to protect and strengthen our skin’s natural lipid barrier.

Skin-Healthy Ingredients

At Puristry, we swap out conventional chemical formulas for a list of natural and plant based moisturizing ingredients that will amp your dermis up with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and lipid barrier protection. Here are the hero ingredients in our organic face moisturizer.


Sea buckthorn is an excellent addition to any moisturizing formula. Its oil helps slow down the signs of aging, and it contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients. This includes vitamin C at an amount 12 times higher than that of an orange. It also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), an important enzyme that helps prevent free radical damage, which contributes to the formation of UV-induced fine lines and a loss of collagen. It’s the only plant source that contains Omega 3, 6, 9 and 7, and because of this, is incredibly effective at restoring skin density and brightness when used as part of a moisturizing formula. And finally its high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids makes it a naturally amazing moisturizer that effectively promotes skin regeneration and elasticity. It’s the star ingredient in our Puristry Seaberry Moisturizer, which is full of potent anti-aging benefits that will leave you with a balanced and moisturized canvas.

Grapes For Oil

Supporting seabuckthorn in this synergistic formula are two more organic face moisturizers found in nature: grape seed oil and shea butter. Grapeseed oil is an ideal moisturizer, given its ultra light texture and super smoothing natural chemical profile. Its uniquely lightweight composition means that it’s ultra absorbable and effectively penetrates into skin’s deeper layers, making it an excellent carrier oil to deliver other active ingredients in any formula it’s included in. It’s got a reputation for being extra gentle on sensitive skin, and is full of vitamin C and E, both natural antioxidants that battle signs of aging. As a moisturizer, it’s particularly well suited to those with oiler complexions, as it has a balancing and clarifying effect that minimizes the look of pores through reducing their inflammation.


Shea butter has an incredibly high concentration of fatty acids, lending it a rich texture and buttery consistency. A super food that’s naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, it has a long history of being used as a moisturizer in Africa for both skin and hair, thanks to its incredible effectiveness at remedying dry skin and protecting skin’s natural lipid layer from letting moisture escape.

Toner How to Use an Organic Face Moisturizer in Your Skin Care Routine

When using moisturizer, make sure you’re applying your hydrating toners before the moisturizer, because hydrants are lighter and more prone to evaporation. The key is to apply moisturizer after serums and hydrants, in order to lock in active ingredients and protect the outermost layer.

Typically, a hydrating and water-based skin toner should be comprised of ingredients like floral water or aloe juice. It should have a light and easily evaporating texture, which will often take the form of a clear gel, jelly, or water-like liquid. Light hydrants also typically need to include a hydrophilic ingredient – that is, an ingredient that retains water. An example of this would be hyaluronic acid in our Flower Water Toner that works to lock in hydration for a plumped complexion. Ultimately, a hydrating toner will amp up the levels of H20 in your dermis, but will not address your lipid balance. That’s where Seaberry Moisturizer comes in!


If you’re battling extreme dryness or targeting specific concerns like dermatitis or rosacea, you should also be applying a facial oil as part of your skincare routine. Our Restorative Facial Oil should be applied before the moisturizer to aid in absorption. Once your facial oil has been applied, dispense a dollop of moisturizer into your palm. Rub between your hands and then apply to face by gently pressing into skin with fingers and palms. This allows both your facial oil and your moisturizer to meld together, without spreading one or the other away from the skin.

Protecting your lipid barrier and sealing in your other products is a year round must for any skin type, so stick with plant-based and naturally sourced ingredients for everyday skin health. The good news is that Puristry products have you covered, using pure, organic ingredients that will protect and nourish your skin all year round.

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