March 28, 2018

Choose concentrated cosmetic products over ineffective filler skin care ingredients.


What do the best skin care products have in common? They are all simple, include organic ingredients and are formulated with results in mind. When we think of creating the best, organic cosmetic products, we like to keep it simple. Simplicity gives our skin the best chance of using the ingredients in our products to the utmost advantage and achieving long-lasting results. On the other hand, what happens when a product has so many ingredients that it starts to make your head spin? Long ingredient lists with components like, “phenoxyethanol,” “butylparabens,” or even harsh and toxic formaldehyde are a huge red flag. These chemical ingredients are not only ineffective for your skin, but also come with skin irritating side effects. Instead, Puristry includes less but more powerful skin care ingredients. You can feel safe and confident when reading our formulas because everything is not only clear and easy to understand, but formulated for healthy, natural and beautiful skin. Let’s talk about other ways that less is more in the world of skin care ingredients.

Less Fillers, More Potent Skin Care Ingredients

When searching for skin care products, we all want high quality ingredients and visible, lasting results. Puristry stands by organic ingredients, plant power and pure potency. Conventional products don’t always fit this description, and it filters down into your results. Fillers compromise the power and value of the item you’re buying. A filler brings no value to the table, and is included in the product formula to simply meet a specific product quantity or volume. Worse than that, a filler actually dilutes the quality of the other ingredients inside. Look at the volume of a product and then turn it around and check out the ingredient list. If you see ingredients that you need a scientist to decode, not to mention a list longer than your to-do’s, you should look elsewhere. Our products contain only active ingredients. That means everything in our formulas are working toward the common goal of giving you that smooth, radiant skin you’re after. Even in situations where our lists are longer, all the ingredients are active, meaning the formula is free of fillers diluting the other products inside. We even avoid using plain water in our formulas, because there are many more nourishing alternatives instead.

Hero Ingredients vs. Zero Ingredients

We already talked a little bit about fillers and how they are doing absolutely nothing in products. A filler is essentially a zero ingredient because it’s contributing zero benefits to the product’s function. At Puristry, we like to focus on hero ingredients. The hero ingredient is often the most active or powerful ingredient in a product. It drives the purpose of the product and contributes the most influence to your results. Below we’ll break down some of our products, their hero ingredients, and how they contribute to the effectiveness of the products.

nopal ingredients

Nopal Cactus Cleanser

Not many cleansers out there on the market are hydrating, soothing and nutrient-rich, but that is what makes this cleanser unique. This gentle formula doesn’t strip or stress the skin. This organic cleanser washes away dullness and efficiently returns skin to a balanced happy place. The results are balanced skin temperament, softer texture and a brighter appearance.


Hero Ingredient: Nopal Cactus

Our cleanser consists of 70% pure nopal cactus, which is why it’s so potent yet gentle enough for your skin. Nopal cactus is an antioxidant powerhouse for fighting free radical damage that causes premature signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and cancer. This desert plant is rich in betalain pigments for skin protection, vitamin A and vitamin C for skin smoothing, and a range of polysaccharides that help your skin absorb and retain hydration. That earns nopal cactus a well deserved spot as a hero among skin care ingredients.

Seaberry Moisturizer Ingredients

Seaberry Moisturizer

Moisturizers shouldn’t just be packed with synthetic thickeners for a creamy texture that often offers little benefit for your skin. Our moisturizer contains over 50 nourishing phytonutrients from natural plant ingredients for stronger, more radiant skin. Thanks to one mighty little fruit, this moisturizer actively works to repair your skin so it can retain more water in the long run and prevent against premature signs of aging.


Hero Ingredient: Seaberry

This antioxidant packed superfood has a range of anti-aging and healing benefits for skin. It was used all the way back in ancient Tibet and Greece for its skin restorative properties. Seaberries are packed with over 190 bioactive compounds and an overwhelming amount of essential fatty acids that are vital to collagen production for stronger, healthier skin. These nutrients allow seaberries to help skin repair its moisture barrier to better lock in hydration, making seaberry a must have skin care ingredient in our moisturizer.

Yerba Mate Ingredients

Yerba Mate Eye Cream

What do you want out of an eye cream? We discussed why your sensitive eye area needs a specially formulated eye cream versus a traditional face moisturizer. Brightens dark under eye circles, reduces puffy eyes, and fights crow’s feet wrinkles? We chose specific, concentrated skin care ingredients to include in our eye cream to target all of those concerns.

Yerba Mate Leaves

Hero Ingredient: Yerba Mate

Dark under eye circles and puffy eyes are often caused by lack of circulation, and the naturally occurring caffeine found in yerba mate helps boost circulation for brighter, more awake eyes. In addition to that, yerba mate offers a diverse range of anti-aging vitamins and nutrients. For example, vitamin A promotes firmer skin, while B1 protects against signs of aging. There are many more skin beneficial properties of this South American plant.

When reviewing the ingredient lists of Puristry products, you will notice a high volume of organic products and the repeat celebrities of our formulas as mentioned above. What you won’t find are fillers, toxins or harsh chemicals that interfere with healthy, beautiful skin. Less fuss means more quality, better results and healthier skin with Puristry skin care.

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